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16 Feb. 2008

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We listen to a lot of music in my family, there are a vast array of speakers and stereos and mp3 players in this house. Whether on the go, in the car, or relaxing at home, there’s always a song playing somewhere. I drew up some initial plans and started tweaking the cabinet volume and shape until I came up with something I really liked.
As my oldest daughter’s birthday was approaching, I decided I wanted to build her a small pair of bookshelf speakers for her room.
I used Unibox to model the speaker response and ended up going with the Standard Design model which yields an f3 of 59 Hz in a 5.4L cabinet tuned to 56 Hz with no hump or dip in the response.

You close your eyes and listen and you can’t really tell where the speakers are located.
Just about everything was bought from my all-time favorite place on the planet – Parts Express. I like the fact that I could tailor the sound a little knowing what type of music will be played on these speakers. Notice that these speakers do not have baffle step compensation as is evidenced in the plots below.
I decided not to incorporate it since these speakers will almost always be backed against a wall in a very small space, I didn’t want the bass and lower-midrange region to be too aggressive.

I know there are lots of different ways to get bass into a room but this one was simple, elegant, affordable, tune-able and in the end matched extremely well with the rest of the speakers in the system. The slight dip near the crossover freq is mainly due to the close proximity of the microphone in between the drivers which actually shows up in the PCD model as you move the listening position closer to the speaker.
Even without BSC, the speakers sound fantastic in-room, but if I were to implement it, I wouldn’t do more than 3 dB and I would shoot for a corner of about 655 Hz.

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