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14 Oct. 1980

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How to make my seams line up- For the top of the futon I wanted to recreate the checkerboard-type pattern that the original had.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged bed frame, cheap furniture, furniture, futon, futons, guest bedroom, mattress, savem oney on October 16, 2014 by Administrator.
This entry was posted in Contests and tagged back to school, contest, dorm, furniture, futon, futon frame, futon mattress, lounger, sofa bed on August 12, 2014 by Administrator. This entry was posted in Customer Photos, Testimonials and tagged diy, futon, futon frame, futon furniture, futon mattress, happy customers, kids room, shop for futons, shop4futons, wood frames on June 23, 2014 by Administrator. Aside from sleeping bags, air mattresses and perhaps a giant sponge, no piece of lounge furniture is more portable than the futon. During its migration, several factors would change about the futon to accommodate Western style, including a higher mattress thickness, and the incorporation of different materials outside of cotton. Also, since sofas and chairs were far more customary in American society, Brouwer invented a sofa frame that would reflect the same affordability and simplicity as the futon.
Of course, companies and manufacturers would take the concept of futons and market them as cheap furniture, but this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. This entry was posted in Futon and tagged buy futon, comfort, futon, futon furniture, futon history, futon materials, futon mattress, futon versatility, home furnishings, lounging, shop 4 futons, shop4futons on June 11, 2014 by Administrator. This entry was posted in Futon, How To, Sofa Bed, Videos and tagged bi-fold futon frame, couch, furniture, futon, futon frame, futon furniture, home furnishings, how to use a futon sofa bed, lounging, shop 4 futons, sofa bed, versatility, wood frames on June 5, 2014 by Administrator. We’ve been very busy lately creating instructional videos that show how functional and easy-to-use our futon furniture is. This entry was posted in Futon, How To, Sofa Bed, Videos and tagged bi-fold futon frame, couch, futon, futon frame, futon furniture, how to use a futon sofa bed, sofa bed on May 20, 2014 by Administrator. Of course, you could be a die-hard Georgia Bulldog fan, or maybe your futon sits right in front of your aquarium.
Premium Futon Cover – Our widest-selling futon cover is also one of our most cost-effective and durable.
100% Cotton Futon Cover – It’s certainly our most cost-effective item, but 100% lightweight cotton doesn’t carry as many features as our other covers. Plush Micro-Suede Futon Cover – Micro-suede is possibly the most sought-after fabric for futon covers. This entry was posted in Futon, Futon Covers, Style and tagged couch, fabrics, futon, futon covers, futon mattress, futon versatility, home furnishings, lounging, style on March 11, 2014 by Administrator.

More importantly, our wooden futon frames are made of 100% kiln dried tulip poplar grown in the Southern Appalachian mountains.
This entry was posted in Futon, Organic and tagged decor, decorating, furniture, futon, health, healthy, interior designing. Once you have your frame, you can choose your level of comfort with a futon mattress that fits perfectly.
Add the infinite selection of machine-washable mattress covers that are out there, and there’s practically no limit to the designs you can make. This entry was posted in Futon, Sofa Bed, Style, Versatility and tagged comfort, couch, decor, decorating, futon, futon covers, futon frame, futon vs. The Bifold is our best-selling futon frame, with a quick and simple assembly that should take no more than an hour.
This entry was posted in Futon, How To, Sofa Bed and tagged bi-fold futon frame, couch, furniture, futon, futon frame, futon versatility, home furnishings, lounging, sofa bed, versatility, wood frames on December 9, 2013 by Administrator.
I tried to go about the project carefully so that the finished cover would look professional and with a lot of luck I succeeded.
And if you have a photo of what you’ve done with our futon furniture, we’d love to see it!
At the same time, the comfort, style and durability of the futon is equal to the nicest bed you can find.
Futons can certainly tend to cost less than your average sofa bed or lounger, but the resilience and quality of both futons frames and mattresses are as high-end as anything you’ll find in a furniture store.
Watch as David shows how to adjust the futon from its upright sofa position, into a bed, and back into a sofa again.
However, when it comes to the type of fabric, you definitely want to know exactly what you’re getting before you decide to complete your futon setup. The Premium Futon Cover is a blend of heavyweight polycotton and consists of 55% cotton and 45% polyester.
You’ll find the feel of this material similar to our Premium Futon Cover, but the colors will vary depending on availability. The material feels a lot like velvet, and also consist of corded piping along the edges to give your futon mattress a more consistent shape.
The average weight of most of our wooden frames is around 50 pounds, and many futon mattresses are only slightly heavier.

But with futon frames and mattresses, you don’t need a pickup truck and a team of people. He wanted to make sure that his new futon frame matched his other furniture, so he bought a natural (unfinished) tri-fold frame and stained it to his own color preference. With both portability and quality, you would think that the futon was a state of the art invention among the world of furniture. It wasn’t until the 18th century that cotton manufacturing would introduce the futon to all social classes. If you’re looking for the best price, but really just want to protect your futon mattress, you won’t find a softer and more reliable cover. Our last blog showed that futon furniture can cost FOUR TIMES LESS, and even weigh FOUR TIMES LESS, than your average couch. Check out what some of our customers are doing with their new futons, and what they have to say about their shopping experience! The truth is, futons have been around for hundreds of years, and they’ve certainly come a long way. Futons flourished in Japan, and became almost a requirement for bedding among all citizens. If you’re looking for a durable cover that has a little give to it, you’ve found your cover already! Many of our futon frames feature simple mechanisms that convert the frame from sofa to sleeper in one fell swoop. Thanks to futons, it’s never been easier to customize your home furniture without ever leaving your home. In the 1970s, furniture design William Brouwer visited Japan, and was extremely fascinated with the efficiency and comfort of the Japanese futon.
He was convinced that the portability and ease of futon mattresses would be perfect for Americans living in large cities with small apartments.

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