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14 Mar. 2003

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Now use a dry brush technique* to brush on the stain and then wipe the excess off immediately.
Now, don’t be distressed, grab some sandpaper and a brush and give your furniture an age boost! It is amazing how there are always more things to learn about painting & distressing furniture. The only way to truly eliminate dents and scratches (too deep to sand) is to fill them with wood putty. If you watched the video, you can also catch a couple of techniques that I forgot to photograph: namely dragging a paint can opener to make long smooth scrapes down the length of the board (another effect that I really liked after stain was applied) and making those nail punch holes that I mentioned earlier.
Truth be told, I used to think making wood look old was cheesy, but you did such an awesome job that I may just change my mind. This is very beneficial to grab the ideas for painting antique furniture and I like this transformation and distressed furniture So i appreciate this post.
Great post Brittany I’m actually working on distressing more of my pieces these days.

Basically, I winged it by trying a handful-ish of techniques that looked cool and then used them sporadically throughout my pile.
For starters, I picked out as many pieces of wood from Home Depot that already had flaws or interesting details to them – knots, chips, dark stripes, whatever. After sanding it down again it really started to look like the wood was slightly rotted, just like some of the spots on the pallets that we couldn’t use (more on that here). We thought the dark walnut would help it relate to the bottom of the console (as well as some of the other dark woods in the room) while the ebony would be a closer match the the gray pallet boards that originally inspired us.
So Sherry pulled some weird technique out of her you-know-what and it ended up working perfectly. Most will work, I wouldn’t recommend the sanding or hammering technique where you will expose the wood. The challenge with a new piece of wood is that it lacks the deeper darker color tone of antique lumber.
I was afraid when I sanded placed down they would look weird white, but i was able to get some wood to show up and then the glaze just aged the whole look!!!

Question, i have a light wood end table and i want to paint it antique white and add some dark wood stain so it looks like darker wood is showing thru.
And after I had taken out all of my aggression worked my new-to-old magic and had given everything one last light sanding (to ensure a smooth and not splintery finish), it was time for Sherry to take over for the staining portion of The Console Table Show.
So we were thrilled with the colors and the variations that we landed on, thanks to staining some and allowing the stain to penetrate a while, wiping it down right away on other boards, and using the water technique above to get some lighter variations. For those who’d like more info, you can see this entire technique in action on the staining video.

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