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05 Mar. 1988

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Recently I wrote a tool review concerning my favorite portable thickness planer, the DeWalt DW735. The selection of a thickness planer basically comes down to two size categories; small portable (albeit real heavy to be portable!), or very large stand alone machines. The stand alone machines are far too large for my shop so I was left searching the 13? planer category.It didn’t take me long to zero in on one particular planer and that was the DEWALT DW735. After reading several reviews it was clear to me that this was a hidden jewel among the DEWALT product lineup. The DW735 is so easy to setup that even a complete novice to thickness planing can set it up in a mater of minutes. It comes with the blades already installed and all the pre-set stops factory adjusted.To start you simply insert about an inch of the board you want to plane into the end of the planer and lower to cutter head down onto the board. The thickness gauge shown on the right shows the total final thickness that the board will be after passing through the planer.The thickness gauge was spot on straight out of the box. For repetitive planing of multiple pieces to a set maximum thickness the user can use the Turret Stop located on the left side of the unit.

This is a great feature when trying to plane lots of boards to the same final thickness.PowerPower is tough to describe in words. Soon I’ll also create a video review for this tool so you can see first hand what I mean about power!. I’ve got a pretty robust dust collection system in my shop, however the amount of dust and chips that a planer produce gave me reason for concern. This system works so well that when I removed the cover on the planer there was virtually NO dust inside even after running over a 100 feet of hardwood through the planer already.The dust port is located at the rear of the unit above the outfeed opening of the planer. Planing is one of the tasks in the woodshop that creates the most volume of chips and dust.
Because of the built-in booster this planer is able to easily capture all the dust regardless of cut depth and board width.Three Blade Cutter HeadThe cutter head uses three blades that are really easy to change.
Both of these are great add-ons and worth the added cost.I also have the DW7350 – Mobile Thickness Planer Stand. In fact, if you’re going to put this on a stand I recommend you buy the DEWALT version compared to an after-market version.Overall PerformanceDEWALT makes lots of great tools and I seldom find issues with any of them.

In fact, I would say it’s one of the best overall performing tools that I’ve ever reviewed.Over the last few months I’ve planed all kinds of wood from soft pine to hard maple, purple heart and even walnut.
Each time I’ve planed the material the finish is so smooth it hardly even needs to be sanded.
Combine all that with a very well built product and you have a tool that I would recommend to anyone.One of the biggest complaints with smaller planers this size is snipe. The automatic carriage stop feature clearly solves this long standing design issue for planers. I can only hope that DEWALT continues offering this great product for many years to come.In my opinion this is a perfect planer for small and medium size woodshops.

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