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03 Oct. 1998

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If you are involved in woodworking by now you know that every woodworking workshop no matter how small it is needs a dust collector. Which ever it is, one thing is for sure, the lungs of every woodshop is the dust collector. When you making chips most of them are heavy enough to fall on the floor, but when you have wood dust or other sort of it, that will fly in the air you breathe. Now there are many ways to protect your self like wearing a good dust mask (they don't come cheep but are good) or the inexpensive throw-away paper filters air respirators (not a very safe way to go, but is better than nothing). Then you can have an air filter which is mounted on the ceiling to purify the shops air (the dust must first pass from your face before it reaches them, so these are good for after work), and finally you have the dust extractor systems which can be complex or simple (if you can afford one they are very good up to a point). Regardless how good your dust extraction may be, there is still ambient dust that escapes from it, especially if you are sanding or routing you need something which is easy to use, portable, and powerful to suck the dust from your tools. The problem with shop vacuums is that if you connect them direct onto the tool it will suffer from dust clogging within 10 minutes, and also is not that easy to empty it so often, even if you push it to collect more it could burn out. An alternative to this is to have an intermediate system between your tool and the vacuum, and this is the cyclone dust collector bucket.

The cyclone dust collector bucket will collect 99% of the dust and throw it into the bucket below, leaving your vacuum almost dust free and clean. It turns out that making a cyclone dust separator is a fairly simple process, and the DIY version seems to work as well as a commercial separator.
Dan Clark walks us through the process he used for making his own cyclone dust separator using a bit of sheet metal, some tubing, and a Shop-Vac.
If you’d rather purchase a commercial dust separator, many inexpensive solutions can be found on Amazon. Buy or DIY, either way a cyclone separator can really help keep your dust collection system running clean and trouble free. Small scale (shop size) cyclone dust separators typically attach to an intermediate tank (like a trash can or 5-gallon bucked) and separate the dust and large chunks of debris from the air being sucked into the vacuum system.
This helps keep your vacuum system clean and can help prevent damage caused by large pieces of debris hitting impellers on larger dust collector systems.
Tyler founded Projects In Metal in 2008 because he was frustrated by the lack of free plans available for hobby machinists.

After reviewing many different concepts I decided on the cyclone style separator and began designing my own system. Also, flip your cone upside down so that the dust particles can stick to the inside of the cone and not make it up to the outtake.
Therefor it would be a bad idea to put the intake exactly where you want the dust to settle.
You will see it's massive - in fact it is probably too big, but I needed something and until I get round to finding a smaller cyclone part, it will do.I used a massive funnel (Yep PVC) that my local hardware store had in stock (4euros) and had bought and fitted it yesterday - used hot glue and expanding foam filler (Hot glue - perfect, expanding foam - nightmare) .

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