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02 Feb. 2015

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Freud's new Quadra-Cut router bits produce routed profiles with little or no tear out or fuzz, even on cross-grain cuts. Upgrade Your Router Lift With Digital Accuracy & RepeatabilityThe Digi-Router is the newest member of the Digi-Kit family from Accurate Technologies.
Hundred Jig In OneThe Router-Ease Guide is an American-made tool designed to meet the needs of both the weekend enthusiast and the professional. Double-Sided Insert Is Like Two Bits In OneAmana's V-Groove CNC Router Bits Use a high-grade carbide-insert knife to create perfect signs and miters on your CNC machine.
Bit by bit, high-end router tables are beginning to look more like classic shapers, the heavy-duty workhorse machines used in professional shops.
Adjusting the depth of cut on many plunge routers can be a real hassle, but not on this machine. The T4EK, a compact plunge router from Trend Routing Technologies, is equipped with a 1.1-hp motor and electronic variable speed from 11,500 rpm to 32,000 rpm. Replace your original router height rod with the Router Raizer kit for quick, easy, and precise height adjustments. The #1 consumer complaint with using a plunge router in the router table, is the inability to raise the collet high enough to easily remove and install cutters. The Router-Ease Guide eliminates downtime used to design and makes jigs or templates for particular routing tasks.
This new 10-amp plunge router from Craftsman has an integrated LED screen that allows you to precisely set the depth of cut, in fractions of an inch or millimeters, without using a scale or ruler. In one operation, they allow you to plunge-cut a long, counterbored slot for screws to slide back and forth, which allows solid wood to shrink and swell without cracking.

To accomplish this, Festool took a fresh look at this workhorse of a tool, and developed the OF2200 to better fit the routing habits of woodworkers. The ScribeMate fits on a larger router and is designed to follow a template made with the QuickScribe. As with all plunge routers, the first step is to lower the bit until it touches your workbench and engage the plunge lock lever to hold the bit in position.
It allows height adjustments from both the top end and base end of the router while maintaining all plunging and turret depth stop capacities.
The Digi-Router permits router height adjustments to within 0.010 inches and the readout can be set for decimal inches, millimeters, or fractions. The Router-Ease Guide can even be used to cut dadoes on an angle, such as the short, stopped dadoes used in louvered shutters or doors. You can also purchase this top separately and bolt it to your tablesw, replacing the right-side support table.This top is part of a modular set of router table combinations from Bench Dog which allow you to mix and match from three types of tops (cast iron, solid phenolic, and MDF) and three types of bases (Baltic Birch or melamine closed stands, and a Baltic Birch open stand).
Next, rotate a depth-of-cut knob to lower a stop rod until it contacts the router's base. This router would work well in a router table, but it lacks a couple of user-friendly features. Operates easily with a simple speed wrench and equally well for both handheld and table mounted routers. The QuickScribe is an accessory plate that attaches to several popular offset trim routers, including Bosch, DeWalt and Porter-Cable.
Although you get a long extension knob for setting the height of a bit from underneath the table, you can't raise the collet high enough to change bits from above the table.

The T4EK can be used with several Trend routing jigs, including both dovetail jigs and both  ellipse jigs. With the cutter alone providing resistance, the job of controlling the router is made easier with the Air-Glide. Both are included with the Router-Ease Guide and are used to quickly and accurately set the guide arms.
They come completely assembled and include a stabilizer bar that keeps the router from tipping forward. You use the same hex-ended tool for both adjustments and a convenient crank-handled wrench for loosening and tightening the router's self-releasing collet. This allows you to make your initial cut followed by a slight clean-up pass simply by rotating the router. The Router Buddy System includes extension rods, adjustable pivot pins and a cross-routed base.
Routing dovetails with this jig is precise, but it isn't very fast, because you have to reposition the jig to cut each socket and pin. An added-cost accessory we recommend, the VRS corrals dust and adds front support that will keep your router from tipping.

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