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Floor with patches before painting.Painting would also save the backbreaking labor and expense of refinishing, not to mention the disappointment when they inevitably ended up still looking like beat up old floors.
That’s the cool thing about painted floors – you can change the color, and there’s no end to the creativity! Give new, vibrant life to old floors at a fraction of the cost of replacing or refinishing. Make sure your floor hasn’t been waxed before painting, and remove the wax if it has. Depending on how smoothly the floors were sanded, some of the texture in the grain may show through the paint. We painted the pine floors in our kitchen with an oil-based floor paint and absolutely loved the look. I used to do housekeeping at a house with painted wood floors and I used vinegar and water on them. Some years later, my wife and I moved into a house with stairs with wooden treads that were worn, stained, gouged and splintered.
Painting wood stairs and floors requires the same preparation as for any interior paint job. When selecting a top-coat paint, look for a latex enamel that has been formulated for floors, porches, and decks. Sign up today for our FREE e-mail newsletters and get helpful tips and timely article links delivered to your e-mail inbox.
From style to tile, find tons of inspirational photos, ideas, and how-tos for brand-new rooms, quick upgrades, and big and small fixes, plus special offers. Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special offers. Special care must be taken by any hardwood floor installer when sanding, finishing, or refinishing your wood floors. ArtelCraft has put together this brief guide on finishes to help you when choosing your floors.
Pre-finished hardwood floors receive multiple layers of finish at the factory and are delivered to your site ready to install.

The most important factors in the life of your hardwood floor finishes are the amount of foot traffic and the frequency of maintenance.
ArtelCraft can help you select a hardwood floor finish that perfectly complements your interior. Swedish finish is an alcohol-based varnish created in the 1950s and for decades has been the industry standard finish in the Puget Sound because of its durability and ease of maintenance. There is a slight difference in color and sheen between water-based and oil-based finishes and there are a variety of oil-based stains which can further change the appearance of your hardwood floors. Can a dark stain, I’ve read that stain is actually very similar to paint in that it lays on top of the wood, accomplish the same look.
Yes it’s a pain in the neck but its worth is when it comes time to clean those painted floors. My preferred primer for just about everything is Zinssers’ BIN, an alcohol-based, pigmented shellac primer-sealer (doesn’t stink, dries fast, and sticks to everything), but you should check with the manufacturer of the top-coat paint you’ll be using for its priming recommendations.
If you have any questions about hardwood floor finishes or refinishing techniques, give us a call or drop us an email. There are some advantages to pre-finished floors including quicker installation, no sanding and no smell from home-site finishing.
Light mopping is all that’s required to maintain the warmth and shine of Swedish finished hardwood floors unlike wax and polyurethane finishes which require regular cleaning, waxing and buffing. We feel that water-based finishes, when applied correctly offer results to match those of Swedish and we think it’s a great choice for all our customers. But in this case, a nice coat of paint would be just the thing to hide the scars, pits, and patches; and fill in the cracks and seal up this rickety old floor.
You’ll also need dry weather for the paint to cure properly before moving back in, as humidity will keep it tacky.
It goes against every bone in my body because I think it’s a sin to cover up pretty wood but we are considering painting them instead of trying to refinish.
For stairs or a single room—120 square feet or less—you may use an orbital palm sander or a portable belt sander.
If the scratches don't go all the way through to the wood, you can scuff-sand your floors with a buffer and apply a fresh coat or two of finish.

Please be sure your hardwood floor installer knows the proper method for your project, otherwise you may end up paying more later to have a real pro fix it. Home-site finished floors are also easier to refinish and repair is often simpler than with pre-finished floors. There is no set amount of time each finish will last, but ArtelCraft installers can help you understand your floors’ specific maintenance requirements to maintain their natural beauty for decades. Most hardwood floor installers and industry experts feel that Swedish finish is the most durable and long-lasting option for finishing hardwood floors. Oil-based products are absorbed into the fibers of your wood floors and accentuate figuring and wood grain. You may also use tack cloths to pick up any residual dust if you’re worried about raising the wood grain. In places where the old coating is secure, it’s as good as primer (as long as it has been lightly sanded). The process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time. At the very least, always check to make sure your hardwood contractor is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association. If the floor was never finished (in an attic, for example), apply a coat of primer over the entire surface. Some homeowners prefer this effect while others appreciate the options water-based finishes and oil-based stains offer for customizing hardwood floors. If you've never used a buffer before, practice in the middle of the room until you get a feel for how to maneuver it. With either finish, I recommend a fresh coat every two years or whenever the floor looks worn.

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