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Build wooden picnic table, simple bench design plans,how to make lawn furniture out of pallets.
04 Jan. 2015

Build wood storage crate,how to make wooden chairs comfortable,extension plans chesterfield,woodcraft furniture centerville - Reviews

Here's 50 great beginner woodworking projects that will get you comfortable with the basics of building with wood. On our website (and in some stores), you can find unfinished wooden storage crates that are often handy for out-of-sight storage, like in a garage. Start by removing the sticker residue from the wood using a residue cleaner, and then sand the area thoroughly. Next, use a couple of small shims or scrap wood (I used cut pieces of paint stirrers) and gently tack them to the inside of the crate.
Because I was filling my crate with pillows and throw blankets, I did not stain the inside of the crate. Drill holes where you’ve marked, being sure to drill all the way through the wood filler.

Hello- I have purchased these crates from my local Home Depot and was planning on staining and modifying them to use them for shoe storage.
You’re right, you could certainly find a pull that is larger than the existing hole in the crate. The purpose of this project was just to remind people that you can customize our unstained storage crates to suit your functional needs and your style. I would suggest using some thin wood (like underlayment) for the outside and wood putty on the inside only for a cleaner look. Otherwise, it’s probably not really necessary to sand the rest of the crate before staining. With a bit of stain and some cabinet pulls, however, we were able to customize a DIY wooden storage crate to give it a more finished look.

I was planning on popping the slats off the back, cutting the sides down, re attaching the slats and using the 2 side slats that I don’t need on the front to add storage.
Doing a terrible job of using wood filler is really not acceptable if you’re staining rather than painting.

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