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05 Dec. 1982

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This bike is used by a Gold prospector in the San Bernardino mountains outside of Los Angeles. If you look closely you can see that the owner, instead of trying to attach the top of the rack near the rear of the bike has wire-tied it along both sides of the top tube. Saw this bike leaning up outside a grocery store in Victoria, BC.A front fork was bolted onto the rear dropouts, with a little scrap metal holding it away from the seatpost.
I cut a piece of 1 x 10 pine to length, to attach to the rack at the front with two screws, and also drilled twelve holes through to attach with zip ties to six other locations on the side tubes of the rack. I couldn't mount a standard rack and am not a fan of backpacks (OVERHEAT!) so I use a Topeak Beamrack.

I had bought him a rack (the Delta Post Porter Rack) for a bikepacking trip we did in fall, but the saxophone case was just too long and heavy to attach safely. He just takes the whole rack off the seat post when not needed, instead of cutting the zip ties. Reader Dennis upcycled some old frames into a nice looking cargo rack and sent along the following text and pictures.
I searched some bike stores, all the boxes I found were very expensive and some of them seemed to be fragile.
Then I added a second piece of wood to make a lip at the back that prevents the case from sliding off.

I have a small duffel that I strap to the rack with book straps (camping store) and the bag condenses down to whatever size I need. Now and then, depending on bumps and speed, the bag wants to roll off the side or warp off the back of the rack.
So now, for the commute, I slide the rack and the pipe clamp on the Topeak, set my duffel down, slide the rack towards the seat to snug up on the duffel, and use the book straps to bundle it all up tight.

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