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06 Nov. 1994

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Todd I just purchased a large green egg and absolutely think this is the best table I have seen.
The bottom deck has a 2x4 right in the middle of your table, however the top deck needs to be offset towards one side because the hole for your egg will be more than half the size of the table.
Draw a 21" circle with a string and pencil in the center of the larger side where your 2x4s underneath the top deck would be.

Here's the main table with 1x6s for the bottom shelf, my calculations figured that it could hold in excess of 400lb so it should be strong enough. 1x4s make up the top deck of the table, I used the width of my ruler to determine the gap between boards. To mark the lines of the curves I used one of those plastic pieces for opening and closing window blinds.

12" square paverstone with some a simple frame to keep it in place for the Egg to stand on.

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