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05 Dec. 2012

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Please note that all outside wood boiler prices listed are for the unit models only and do not include Pex, outdoor wood furnace parts or shipping costs! Nature’s Comfort has wood and coal boilers, pellet stoves and EPA Certified furnaces. All of our stoves have off-the-shelf parts that are easy to find and install; making this furnace easy to maintain and repair! 99% of this website is about water furnaces and every other button on the top of the page is about water furnaces - 120 different pages! Most warranties only cover parts and also require that you ship the furnace back to them at your expense! Our furnace is so strong and well-made, that the circular hook on top is strong enough to carry the weight of the furnace!

Purchase your wood boiler before January 1st, 2016 to be grandfathered in and avoid any future regulations and price increases due to the law! Beginning with inventing a corn furnace for his own use after frustration of his family not being able to keep their current one functioning, Dave started selling another brand of outdoor wood furnaces soon after.
After January 1st, 2016 you will no longer be able to purchase a standard wood boiler, but you will be able to purchase our EPA approved units or coal boilers. This is also a better idea since you don’t have baffles getting a creosote buildup on them.This also creates a 2nd burn chamber, to more completely burn the gases and wood! This huge secondary burn chambers allows you to burn off all the gases that first ignite, when you throw in a new piece of wood.
He can come home late to a dead fire and the water cooled off and can have heat in 20 minutes!The coal also lasts longer than wood.

When wood starts to burn, it’s the gas that burns first!Another advantage is that the chimney exits through the water, further heating it up – for free!
He often mixes wood, putting it on top of the coal and it works VERY well, he said.He is heating a 3300 sq. We have made our furnaces to be simple, and reliable and we have proven that over time.We do not have complicated self-fill, or water level indicators on our furnaces.

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