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This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 6:22 pmand is filed under Tiles on Wooden Floor Design and Tips. Painted bathroom flooring is recommended for you who have skill to apply such kind of art in bathroom. Applies tile adhesive on wooden floor and all other images, photo or designs in this blog are copyright of their respective owners.
Sanding away the adhesive itself is not recommended, as the sandpaper will quickly get clogged and need replacing.
Any solvent can potentially discolor or damage a hardwood floor, especially if there is no protective finish.
Yellow carpet glues can be removed by applying vegetable oil with a soft cloth, but this can stain floors without a protective finish.
Denatured alcohol has a high risk of damage, but may be worth trying in small quantities for patches of stubborn adhesives. Keep in mind that water will probably cause damage to your hardwood floor if a protective finish is not present, or has been stripped away by the solvent.
Sandpaper may be helpful if there are a few small pieces of adhesive, or if the solvent has partially dissolved the floor finish and the rest needs to be removed before the new finish is applied. Adhesive removal products that come in spray form may be faster to apply than liquid versions. After removing the glue, avoid mopping the floor with water or soap, as hardwood floors sustain water damage easily. Work in a well-ventilated environment when using an adhesive remover, as these products produce harsh fumes. Some adhesives, such as "cut-back" adhesives and "mastic," were often mixed with asbestos up until the late 1980s, and are still occasionally used today.[1] These adhesives were most commonly used to bond the floor to tiles or to heating and air ducts, not to carpets, and are often black in color.
Chipping and scraping off the old adhesive can be tedious, although not much more so than using a solvent.

If you're lucky, the adhesive will chip right off when you apply pressure with a putty knife.
If you plan to apply a new stain or finish to the floor, this is your best option for making adhesive removal easier without affecting the wood pores. The floor may need to be sanded to clear up any scuff marks caused by the carpet installation or the glue removal. If your adhesive is firmly bonded to the wood, solvents can be used to dissolve it into a liquid.
Before using any product for the first time, you may wish to test it on a portion of the floor normally under furniture, to see if it has any negative effect before using it on visible portions. Consider applying the solvent to a portion of the floor at a time, if the room is large, as you will need to apply it again anyway if the solvent dries before you can get to it. Start with an adhesive remover based on orange oil, as this has the lowest risk of causing damage to your floor. Different products and adhesives take different amounts of time to set, so follow the advice on the solvent label if present.
Once the mineral spirits or adhesive remover has had a chance to soak into the glue, you can begin chipping away the glue with a plastic putty knife. Once you have removed the bulk of the glue with the putty knife, soak a rag or towel in the adhesive remover.
If your adhesive is especially difficult to remove, or you do not have access to the solvents listed above, you may try another material, or reapply the same material in the spots where adhesive remains.
If you have pets or young children in your house, this step is recommended to remove traces of the solvent from your floor.
If you've torn up a carpet to reveal this floor, however, you may have found a layer of carpet adhesive making a mess of the room. If you suspect your adhesive contains asbestos, do not use this method, as sanding or scraping the dry adhesive can release dangerous asbestos fibers into the air.

Place pieces of dry ice in a cookie tray and slide the tray over each section of adhesive before you chip, to make the glue brittle and easier to remove. Your local government may require you to dispose of them at a waste collection center, rather than adding it to your ordinary trash, since some adhesives contain toxic materials.
Tar-based products will have a color from tan to dark brown, while general carpet adhesive has a yellow appearance. Removing this is usually possible without notable damage to the floor, but it will take a few tools and a good deal of time.
However, since you did not use any solvents, you may be able to dispose of adhesives normally; contact local waste collection services to find out about local regulations.
After using this method, you may find it difficult to get a new stain or finish to bond to the hardwood floor. Extremely stubborn areas can be scraped away with a utility knife or metal putty knife, but exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging the floors or injuring yourself.
If there is a lingering smell on your floor, apply a mix of apple cider vinegar and water to remove it. However, if there is an existing finish you plan to leave on, or if you plan to cover the floor with a new carpet, the solvent method may save you some time. If the adhesive only comes off in tiny chips, try making it easier to remove with dry ice as described below, or use solvents instead. That means providing to arrange you free in matching or clash the tile adhesive for wooden floors with your wanted style.
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