Some music from TradMad Camp at Pinewoods - Fall 2015

1 Summertime             Phyllis Haile
     (w/Hubby & Craig)
2 Jackson (Pinewoods camp) Harry & Phyllis 4:42
3 Who Knows What a Love Song Can Do Rose Sheehan 3:59
4 Mrs. Jamison Alice Backer 3:05
5 The Water is Wide Jan Maier 4:00
6 Froggy Harry Baya 3:10
7 John the Revelator Pelican at Star Island 4:12
8 Rowdy Soul Bob Walser  3:04
9 My God He is a Rock Harry Baya 2:54
10 Jackson (Star Island) Harry & Phyllis 4:17
11 What a Beautiful City Marge Steiner 3:39
12 Iko Iko Evy Mayer & Jean Farnworth   2:42
13 Master of the Sheepfold Don Wade 4:25
14 Hangman Tim Radford 6:28
15 Skedaddle Judy Cook 3:23
16 Old Figurehead Carver Steve Ginsburg 5:32
17 Mary Had a Little Lamb Group Sing 5:27

All of the above songs except "John the Revelator" were recorded live during the TradMad (Traditional Music and Dance) week helt at the Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth Massachusetts in the summer of 2015. Though more than half the songes were recorded at the campers concert held at the end of the week, some were recorded at informal late night singing sessions. Harry's wife, Phyllis Haile, sang "Summer Time" at the camper's concert. Harry & Phyllis were often singing in the chorus when some of the songs were recorded.

After attending the TradMad week Phyllis and I joined my sons, Matt & Paul at a weekend on Star Island, a Unitarian Conference Center on an island in the Atlantic ocean 10 miles out from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. At a talent show/concert during that weekend a college student working on the island for the summer (these students are called "pelicans) sang "John the Revelator" and I liked it so much I added it to this collection.