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Brooke wanted to build a table for her sister that was square and fit a smaller dining space, with an X base. You can build this table too - but before we get to the plans, please hop over and check out more photos and building details from Brooke!
If you feel the base of this X isn't stable enough, you can throw a few countersunk screws in on the underside, or even a metal mending plate and screws - it'll be hidden. We want to build a dining table top with barn boards we have and the use a glass over the barn boards, so we’ve been looking for ideas for a dining table base to build.

Designs and I teamed up on a table project for Brooke's sister, and to share the plans with you! We have been looking for a smaller table that would be good for 4 people on a regular basis but occasionally fit 6. But my sister is absolutely enthralled with it, and I'm so happy to be able to give her the first "real" table she's had. I know round tables would be hard to manage on a DIY project, but a hexagon seems doable, although I'm definitely not skilled enough to know if I'm wrong.

I'm really proud that I was able to put together such a complicated-looking table in only three hours, and my sister is thrilled that she has such a fancy table to show off!

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