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Hollow Form woodturnings are usually in the form of a vase or vessel with the opening smaller than the vessel size or diameter. Once the wood has been cut and stabilized, the fungi can no longer grow, and the spalting process will stop.
Most of the wood I harvest myself in the local area around Omaha or with other members in our woodturning club.

When the temperature and humidity are right, spalting can cause many different and beautiful patterns in rotting wood.
The 6" to triple 4" Y adaptor at the Dust Collector is removed and 6" pipe is used for the main run with 4" drops to the all the equipment. While the piece is turning I open up the inside with the sharp cutting tool on the end of a bar that slides in a cradle which is attached to the lathe bed.

The unusual coloration may be due to chemically induced reactions between the wood, fungi and insect deposits, often resulting in black, pink, grey and multicolored streaked wood.

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