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I have given up on western style push saws unless they are tensioned blade saws like a hacksaw or bow saw.
I do not refer to these saws by their Japanese names because I feel ridiculous trying to pronounce them.
These saws cut like nothing you have ever used before, and I think they are one of the best values in woodworking tools.
In my four part Japanese Saw video series I show the three different saws I use on a daily basis. Hi Phil, I have used the Japanese saws for a long time but I do not consider myself an expert by any measure.
I see that certain home improvement stores have a line of hand saws that are based upon the Japanese ones.

Standard western saws without a blade stiffener have to be very thick and stiff to overcome the blade wanting to bend and fold on itself during the push motion through the stock. Even if we always had japanese saws at home since I was a kid, I’ve never figured it out how to use them properly. One of the tools the book talked about was the Japanese hand saw and how it was easier to use in comparison especially for kids. They are considerably cheaper then ordering saws that identify themselves as Ryoba and Dozuki.
I would always choose to use a combination of my power tools to cut a tenon, but for quick cuts in the shop, and we both know there are no shortage of them, these saws do a great job.
I don’t consider them saws for fine work but do they ever just let you get on with your projects.

There are of course some very fine western style back saws and dovetail saws with blade stiffeners, but these tend to be very expensive. Japanese saws for me are used for joinery and cutting billets of wood for a specific project. I won’t make big monetary and emotional investments in handsaws, unlike say a special square and ruler set, or a good hand plane, both of which will last a lifetime. It took years for it to finally dawn on me to drop the handle towards the floor and pull the stock being cut into the supporting surface.

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