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A beechwood bench hook glued and screwed for strength (with the screw heads covered by wooden plugs). If you have a choice of bench heights, as you will if you elect to make your own bench, you might find it expedient to make it the same height as your table or radial-arm saw.
Having the bench has helped me get better organized, and best of all, I have a place to handplane at home without having to jigger up ways to hold workpieces. I have hand planed large pieces by clamping a stop between the front vise dog and the bench dog then butting the long piece against it clamped from behind by the end vise.
This bench features a sturdy top and a trestle base is rigid enough to resist any racking forces. One advantage of having the well set into the top of the bench is that, even with a variety of objects in the well, a large sheet of material can still be laid flat over the entire surface of the bench; the contents of the tool well offer no interference. Jigs and dogs and stops and clamps, among other elements, are essential to most benches, as are vises. Before buying or building your bench, decide what your needs are for devices that will hold your workpieces firmly.
It's such a nice bench that I've been neglecting building one of my own for my basement shop at home.

To help support the benchdogs, I extended the hardwood spacer block for the vise all the way to the back of the bench. In ancient times, the woodworker’s bench consisted of a plank or split log with four splayed legs. One traditional rule of thumb for benches is that they should be approximately the height of their user’s hip joint. Oh and I added an end vise with three dog holes in the wooden jaw and a triple row across the bench.
An invaluable aid for bench work for everyone from the young beginner to the full time professional.
Tools in use like chisels and drivers can be temporarily slid into the slot, and the handles protruding from the bench top are easy to reach. I laid out the holes on blue tape on the benchtop and aligned the guide-block hole over each mark. The front edge of a woodworker’s bench is usually lined with square holes positioned at regular intervals.
Be sure to remember the surprising range of benchtop accessories, some of which can help make your bench more useful.

A good bench is a bench that suits its user’s needs, that helps the worker accomplish his or her tasks faster, better, or with a higher degree of safety. Virtually everything in the workshop comes to rest on the bench at some point, even if only between operations at other stations.
I didn't want a massive, heavy bench because my space is fluid-I need to move stuff around the space quite often-so I built a basic bench.
One of the best tools, aside from our monster jointer, is the beefy bench in our hand-tool room. Descendants of those benches are manufactured today, usually with a top of hardwood slabs glued together. Beneath the top of the bench, some cabinetmaker models feature single storage drawers, others several drawers and even cupboards incorporated into a case-like base. Large, heavy benches are more stable and, in general, more adaptable to different jobs (sometimes several at once).

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