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A study of the principles and techniques used by restoration carpenters who perform work on historic buildings is provided. Of course at the centre was Lie-Nielsen tools, in the care of David Eckert, who runs LN Australia.
The first year curriculum is focused on instilling sound fundamentals of woodworking and traditional joinery, combined with modern and historical construction practices. Applications of course content to carpentry concepts include imperial measurement, fundamentals of perimeter, area and volume measurement, principles of ratio and proportion and elements of basic trigonometry. Students perform trade-related calculations for sizes, quantities and location of building components, as well as material estimation.

The Perth Campus is an eLearning environment; to ensure your success as a student, we recommend that you bring a current laptop computer to support your studies. David is trained in both cabinetmaking and teaching, ran the woodworking curriculum at Wesley College (a local prestigious private school), and opened the PWS a few years ago.
Our courses let you tailor your training to accommodate other commitments, with opportunities to advance your skills at various times of the year. They have just moved - expanded - into new premises to meet the increasing demand for tuition in Perth. Alas, we did not have the time at the Event for a repeat of out houndstooth dovetail-off, as we did at the last Perth Wood Show.

In addition, students perform hands-on restoration techniques to traditional millwork and windows.
In addition, students are required to provide their own personal protective equipment, drafting instruments, and some hand tools at a cost of $1,350 in the first year and $350 in the second year.

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