How to make old woodworking tools

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Sharpening wood turning tools quickly and consistently is a constant problem for a wood turner.
We stand in front of a machine that throws wood at us at about 75 miles an hour and stop it with sharp tools. I could do the same for the bowl gouges or Oland tools but prefer to have one for each size shaft as I use the Oland tools a lot and am too lazy to want to keep turning the eye bolt in and out. It just gives a cooler grind that is less likely to burn the high speed steel our tools are made from and gives an edge that is plenty sharp for the work we do.

When the wheel looks glazed with steel, clean it and when a tool bounces on the wheel, round it.
Set the distance for the tool to protrude from the holder, tighten the eyebolt (cheaper than thumscrews and have a larger gripping surface for your fingers), set the end of the holder rod in the pivot, rock and turn.
My particular sharpening system starts with a typical, mass market tool grinder, 3500 rpm, mounted to a secure stand. Having said that, parting tools, scrapers and skews are easily sharpened by hand because they are straight edges or simple curves.

I found it easier to make separate holders for different tools than to make an adjustable holder.
I have not timed it but I am probably back at the lathe with a sharp tool in less than a minute.

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