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Ed Internet Contribute to the growth of them staring at the future of their children, responsible for Earth's future is our desire.
Woods's play boxes 2 product description Maze play was on the side of the box underneath the coaster, has a new play House.
Salient ball moving the hand ball, rolled eyes.1 year old-as your child's favorite ball rolling. Fun wooden ball or car roll down ramps made of wood toys.Repetition of a simple motion fascinate children.
Illustration underneath the carrot carrot painting is painted fish painting beneath the fish, so for example, you can also put together.
This fantastic activity toy has been a hit with my 3 year old child and my 1 years old likes to join in too!

At the time, speaking of wooden educational toys, only expensive imported goods from Europe. This round is 3.5 cm diameter ball ramps have easy for small hands, swallow is in size cannot be safe. Reboots anime stuff for 15 years, ever since, has been with product development in educational toys that nurture the warmth of wood and cloth.
Also a real educational effect, taking advantage of your opinion in reaction of the voices of experienced teachers of early childhood education, child, parents, we are devoted to the development of educational toys cherished the warm, and the material wood and cloth. Is the evaluation of the products previously obtained from this toys with childcare facilities available at early childhood education professionals. Children who are addicted to the ball flow and vehicle movements and toys silent a crying child and staff among so called.

Early movement of the ball or car from 2 for 3-year-old child, I think either class you want to use, and it seems that from the size of the ball or a car suited to children 0.1 years for. Touch wood I which let's you do, thinking and genuine culture to teach children in the price.

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