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This type of wooden mailbox is along the lines of 'letterboxes' more likely to be found in the City Suburbs of Australasia.
This particular wooden mailbox can be attached to the side of a post or any other structure. This project is covered in two pages, firstly the mailbox plans followed by instructions on how to build the mailbox. After going online and looking at some of the high end, hand made mailboxes that are offered I got some good ideas.
You can either build the entire thing out of wood or you can use a standard sheet metal box as the base and cover it with wooden ribs.

A couple of months ago she started thinking about getting her a nice wood mailbox, not one of the cheap ones you can get at the department stores though. The back edge is tapered to match the back face of the mailbox (Same angle as the front and back).
The allows the lid to operate freely and prevents the back face of the mailbox from being scratches by stucco siding and the likes. Start by applying glue to the front dado on both side pieces, and glue up the front of the mailbox.
If you’re on a budget or don’t have a lot of time to spend, I recommend the wooden ribbed box.

Glue a small piece of wood to the top of the door that prevents it from being pushed in too far. I used the same wood and much of the same finish as the one on the cover of the magazine but used my own dimensions (I haven't got the arms done yet though).

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