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First of all I want to distinguish between Woodcraft as an online store and my local Woodcraft franchisee I am reviewing the online store not the franchisee (which would generally get 4-5 stars from me).
I recently bought my uncle a gift certificate from Woodcraft--he loves woodworking but already owns hundreds of wood gadgets (ie, I couldn't possibly pick out a specific present for him). Below are questions from consumers with answers from the Woodcraft staff and other consumers. On SiteJabber you'll find reviews of all sorts: praise for great businesses, complaints, scams, fraud reports. Woodcraft has a good selection of woodworking tools and wood, as well as reasonable prices and physical stores (in addition to the website) so the gift certificate worked out to be a good present. So thank you Woodcraft, for selling my personal contact information to the horribly deceptive junk-mailing useless company known as the Woodworkers Guild of America. I hope Woodcraft received a lot of money from the Woodworkers Guild of America for my personal information, because they’re not going to see another penny from me for a long, long time. Right now, I *believe* Woodcraft could still be the company who sold my personal contact information to the Woodworkers Guild of America, or a 3rd party intermediate marketing company. It might be that Woodcraft is not the company that sold my private information to the Woodworkers Guild of America.

There was no answer, so I Nancy at Woodcraft an email, essentially asking for assurance that Woodcraft does not sell mailing lists to 3rd party companies who might in turn be supplying them to WWGOA.
In other words, Woodcraft is not selling mailing lists directly to the Woodworkers Guild of America, but could be selling them to companies that compile or resell lists to the WWGOA. I asked multiple times whether the WWGOA is getting their hands on mailing lists via Woodcraft partners multiple times, and Woodcraft has NOT given me a straight answer. Woodcraft is partnering with Woodworkers Guild of America for this offer, so it possible they partnered with them in other ways.
Even if Woodcraft is not the one that is selling our contact information to the Woodworkers Guild of America, they are still supporting them with their current arrangement.
I am okay discussing my suspicions that Woodcraft furnished the Woodworkers Guild of America with my contact information, and it is true that I will avoid spending money there given Woodcraft’s choice to support and promote this organization.
But even though I suspect it was Woodcraft that sold or supplied my contact information to the Woodworkers Guild of America, it might not have been because of an order. I have not ordered from Woodcraft or Rockler in a while, but I did give them my new address in order to receive printed catalogs. Even if Woodcraft is not selling such a list to WWGOA directly, it is possible that such a list changes hands one or more times through 3rd party buyers and marketing companies.

They did point towards their privacy policy which says Woodcraft DOES provide their mailing list to 3rd parties. I am assuming Woodcraft’s relationship with the Woodworkers Guild of America goes beyond this.
If you look closely, I emphasize that, due to Woodcraft’s current visible arrangement with Woodworkers Guild of America, I *believe* it was them who furnished my personal contact information to them.
I think I may have *almost* purchased something from Woodcraft but backed out when I saw something during checkout regarding some subscription (I could be remembering wrong). Of those, Woodcraft is the only one I have seen to have a visible relationship with the company.

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