How to make old woodworking tools

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Below is a list of references to help you stay safe using a variety of tools or when woodworking in general.
Become a member today to enjoy our complete library of videos and woodworking information online. FWW editor Tom McKenna has unearthed a bevy of ingenious homemade woodworking machines in this issue’s Looking Back department. Learn the right way to prepare for, and glue up your woodworking projects—from start to finish.

Clermont Woodworking and Design is a one man shop specializing in building "one of a kind" custom furniture, restoring "well loved" heirlooms, and teaching woodworking skills to all levels of woodworkers. The most unique aspect of classes at Clermont Woodworking is that they can be customized for the individual.
The company was founded in 2000 by Keith Neer, a master woodworker of 35 years, in preparation for early retirement from a fortune 500 company. Looking back, I'm sure this thought process is what drew me to woodworking; buy the wood, plane the wood, join the wood, finish the wood, etc.

From day one, the objectives of Clermont Woodworking were to build special furniture for a wide variety of clients and share woodworking techniques with those interested in enhancing their approach to the craft of woodworking.
This is the place to contact after you have decided that you cannot purchase exactly what you want or when you cannot get the desired instruction at a local woodworking store.

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