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You can turn non ferrous metals quite successfully with High speed steel tools on a wood lathe. First is speed, the metal lathes have a dual range if not triple range speed set if geared, some are variable. Second, the forces against the cutting tool,resisting are far greater in metal than wood and the precision needed requires a secure tool rest, not a simple bar like on a wood lathe. I have never turned anything but small amounts of brass and aluminum (tool handle ferules) on a wood lathe.
I've trued up a couple of aluminum pulleys, as well as rebored them, all with my wood lathe, and an oland tool with a metal cutting bit in it. There is also a rumor about not turning wood on metal lathes, destroying the ways and bearings.
Had you asked that specific question right off my answer would have been fine, try it and run your lathe at the slowest speed, unknown, another useful bit of info that would have helped.

I have a metal turning lathe but do sometimes use my wood lathe for turning small bits of metal, including aluminium, brass and steel. For a 25 year old lathe it cleans up rather well and with careful care, adjustment and oil the results are still as good as when it was new. The angle plate is a large piece of cast iron and was primarily supplied with the lathe so that you can use the lathe as a mill.I modified the angle plate with additional 6mm threaded holes that allow me to bolt the Unimat 3 mill column to the plate.
The top edge of the angle plate does limit the lowest position of milling head, but even so with the quill travel it can easily reach the centreline of the lathe. I′ve used this lathe for over 25 years and it still as strong as when I first bought it. I actually think this is a better lathe than one of the Mini Lathes in various colours from China.
I must admit that it is not really correct to turn wood on a metal lathe as the dust gets into slides and bearings and does damage.

Unimat 3 milling pillar onto the angle plate on the Hobbymat cross-slide, an indexing plate onto the back of the lathe spindle, a Unimat 3 milling head with gear cutter and I′m able to machine small gears. Would never consider turning steel on a wood lathe because not sure could hold or control turning tool.
Metal must be cut a very specific speed based on the Machinists Handbook recommendations, for different materials and different diameters which effect the peripheral speeds.

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