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You anchor the bottom of the Vertical Support Bracket with a 2x4 base that goes to the back wall.
I found the idea on Woodsmith Shop, and with a few modifications, built one that fully meets our needs. Your concept of wall mounted storage for lumber is the same concept used in commercial or industrial applications.

Since my floor joists were running 90-degrees to the Vertical Support Brackets, I screwed a 2x4 plate to the floor joist. If I didn’t have that handy, this lumber rack would cost about $55, since I would have had to purchase two whole sheets. I NEED to do some kind of lumber storage in our garage, but sadly I don’t have as much wall space.

By eliminating two of the vertical supports and being careful to minimize waste, you can build this rack with only one sheet of plywood, almost cutting the total cost in half.

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