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The Billboard Top 100 list was my closest companion during this hardwood floor restoration process so I’m going to give you the billboard chart of hardwood floor sanding and staining tips and tricks!
On a sidenote, we just had our hardwood floors redone (due to a water main leak) and I have a recommendation from the pros: Do not put an area rug down for approximately 10 days after the last poly coat went down. I loved the tip by the professional to start with a finer grit sandpaper to get the feel for it. Hi Karah, I found your blog recently while researching information on floor sanding and staining. The rental machines are light duty, and will leave pronounced chatter (machine vibration) marks in your floor.
Be sure to read the Wood Floor Maintenance article and the Chemical Stripping article, both free in the Floored News section of this web site.
Oh, and for a limited application, the rental yards have the Orbital Floor Sander, that any amateur can operate well and safely.
The weight and density of the rug can suffocate the wood and deprive it of needed oxygen while curing and it can actually alter the coloring of the floor in that spot. Yes, these plug right into the wall outlet, but lack the weight and power to sand a floor well.

The floor may become too thin when sanded badly, and you may find you have permanently ruined an expensive hardwood floor. Most of the mistakes are made in the first passes with coarse grit sandpaper, and these cannot be removed with the medium or fine paper. You could also buy and read my floor sanding articles, if only how to judge a good floor sanding method. I hope this doesn't make me an enemy of the rental yards, but I have seen far too many butchered wood floor surfaces in my 24 years.
I’ve always steered clear of the drum sander (seen too many gouged out floors) and just poured more blood, sweat, tears, and time($$$$ and sandpaper!) into the square buff.
It took me 6 months of full time work, before I was let loose on client's fine wood floors.
I pity the home owner who does this, as I think they are being duped by the tool rental trade. The chatter marks show up as stripes or waves going against the grain of the wood, and are really obvious on a stained floor.
You shouldn't have to pay much more than a buck per square foot for about 300 square feet or more. But if you are going to have the floor sanded only there will some tools that would be worthwhile renting. This machine cannot be used to sand new floors, or remove all the finish from old floor, without really messing up the wood. If you are a tenant of an apartment unit, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit, when you permanently ruin the landlord's nice wood floor.
Potential new buyers may realize that the badly sanded hardwood floor now needs replacing, at great expense.
And the contractor will be happy because all his work is done in a day, and he will have no call backs for finish defects.

But you can take the time to finish this wood better than he would when you apply 4 coats of oil modified polyurethane.
With this article you will know just how floors are best sanded, not the sloppy and fast way some contractors go about this vital task. Not much money saved here, when they discount the replacement price of the hardwood floors off your asking price for the property. You may find hiring the pro for the sanding is only just a little beyond the cost of the rental route. The rental yards may also sell finishes meant for floor use, and this may be a good place to buy them at a good price. And I doubt that the rental places will give you a course on sanding and finishing your floor. With a well-maintained heavy-duty floor machine, and a well seasoned pro at the helm, your floor will be quickly and evenly sanded the first time. We all carry 16 grit sandpaper in our tool boxes to quickly and easily remove this tough floor paint. So instead you will find yourself spending a fortune on less effective sandpaper that clogs continually on these light machines.
Much to the glee of the rental company, as you return for more rental time and more expensive sandpaper.

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