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Routers are considered the most versatile of woodworking power tools, and are indispensable for any craftsman, newbie to pro. Steve Ramsey has a great video (shown above) that introduces the router to beginning woodworkers. Smaller handheld routers are called trim routers and are used for more delicate work on smaller pieces of wood.
If you have a Dremel you can buy a plunge router attachment and router table attachment that provide some router functionality but with much less power.
A router table is a stationary woodworking tool that inverts your router and provides a space for the spindle to protrude from the top of the table. When using a router, always use safety equipment including eye protection, a dust mask, and hearing protection.
Always securely grip your router with both hands and keep the base flat against your work piece.

The video above provides more detail for loading router bits and setting up your fence or jig when using a router. Woodworking routers are power hand tools that consist of a motor that turns a spindle at very high speeds.
Instead of your hands guiding the router, tool paths are dictated by inputs from computer numerical control (CNC). They are used to profile edges, cut grooves, trim wood flat, drill holes, recess hinges, cut joints, and perform many more tasks. Router bits are the key to performing specific tasks like joinery, shaping edges, and making straight cuts. This set of 24 router bits is $27 on Amazon and includes straight bits, round over bits, and profiling bits. Loosen the router collet (which is a sleeve that when tightened secures the router bit to the spindle) and slide the end of the router bit into it.

This will keep the sharp edge of the router bit facing the wood which applies natural pressure against the wood. Look for a fixed-base router, which is a better all-around tool compared to a plunge router (which makes plunge, or up and down, cuts). Router tables are great for cutting grooves, dadoes, joinery, and working with small narrow stock. You control the router with two hands, grasping the vertical handles on opposite sides of the device. The opposite holds true if you are using a router table as you want to use a push block to push the wood along the router bit from right to left.

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