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The Raspberry Pi is still the definitive small, open source computer, and a vibrant community has sprung up around it to provide accessories. Many cases are available, but most are simple snap-on cases that do the job but don’t look particularly good, or do-it-yourself ideas that are crafty but hard for the average Joe to complete. The Sweetbox is an extremely small case for the Raspberry Pi that takes minimalism to the extreme. The Oak Case is yet another wooden Raspberry Pi, and this one, like the PlyPi, is a do-it-yourself endeavor.
While the Oak Case is not as eye-catching as other wood cases, it is the least expensive option, as its creator built the enclosure for just $8.50.
There are many do-it-yourself Pi cases made of Lego, but the one hosted on Instructables is perhaps the easiest to build. The Design Case is a robust plastic case that is available for purchase on Shapeways, a craft site similar to Etsy. The PiBow is actually a series of cases, all of which use layered materials with an acrylic top to achieve a clever, playful look. These cases can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, which is based in the United Kingdom. While most cases for the Raspberry Pi focus on a slim, attractive design at a low price, the PiHolder case is a different story.

The only problem is the price; aluminum isn’t cheap, at least not when compared to plastic. There are so many amazing things that you can do with a Raspberry Pi, from running your own space program to building a media centre. The Raspberry Pi: a beacon of British engineering, perhaps even a pinnacle of digital achievement, and based in Cambridge (where I interviewed Raspberry Pi Foundation lead Eben Upton back in 2013).
Despite its name, this case isn’t a box at all, but rather a cover that precisely fits the Pi’s mainboard.
So far the manufacturer has built the case only through Kickstarter funding drives, which means they’re available only for a limited time.
Unlike the more sophisticated PlyPi, though, the Oak case is easy to put together with basic tools. Clever builders could easily spice up the case by using different wood or staining the exterior surfaces. The case is the brainchild of two different individuals, a girl who went by the name of “Biz” on the Raspberry Pi forums and Darren, who uploaded the design into Lego’s Digital Design software so it would be easier for others to replicate. While the case is attractive, it is almost $35 for the polished version, making this the second most expensive case listed here.
You’ll also need a saw and some sand paper to achieve the smooth finish achieved by the case’s creator.

The top of the case is engraved with the Raspbery Pi logo by default, but the case’s manufacturer also provides custom engraving, so you can have almost any design you’d like on your enclosure.
A saw and drill are required, but the cuts made are simple, and you may even be able to have the wood cut to length at the store from which it is purchased. This case is open on its sides, so it provides good airflow, and the case is easy to take apart for access to the internals.
All of the cases are slim and don’t significantly increase the width or weight of the Pi and, because they have transparent top layer, leave the LEDs visible.
Though it’s not water or dust proof, the case is undeniably more rugged than the average competitor. You can choose from an unlabeled version, a version with only LED labels, or a version with both LED labels and an etched Raspberry Pi logo.

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