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In our testing, those jointers with straight-knife cutterheads most often delivered perfectly flat, unblemished workpiece faces and edges.
Here's the skinny on thickness planers: They'll all dimension wood accurately, but the best machines leave less cleanup work for you to do afterward. With a jointer you can compensate for a lack of power with shallow cuts and slower feed rates. With two Asian-made models selling for half the price of European makes, even a hobby woodworker can joint and plane wide stock with one space-saving unit.

Convenience in changing from jointing to planing and back is different but about equal from machine to machine. But just as with hot dogs, typically sold in packages of 10, and buns, sold in 8-packs, the math doesn't add up: Jointers commonly come in 6" and 8" widths, while planers start at 12". And second, the prices of the Asian-made models nearly equal the prices of stand-alone 12" jointers, so it's like getting the planer for free.
Fences on European machines mount more like a Biesemeyer-style tablesaw fence on one end of the jointer bed.

With user-friendly options galore in this class, from long tables to spiral cutterheads to built-in mobile bases to power switches mounted on pedestals, buying a jointer can be more rewarding--and confusing--than ever before. Still, they seem a good space-saving option for someone on a limited budget getting started in woodworking.

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