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All they are really is your typical ordinary hand saw put on steroids through power from an electrical source.
If you are looking for a saw that is specifically designed to cut through metal, then check out this article we have written on those by clicking here. Here we take a quick summary review of the best rated powered hand saws that are around today. It rates 3.6 out of 5 stars by buyers so to be honest we would not normally include this in our reviews.
Here at the Saw Doctor we would not recommend this one unless you simply have to have a cordless hand saw. So as you can see folks there are some different powered hand saws around and we have no doubt that this list will continue to grow. They are relatively inexpensive with an average price of around $40-45 yet can handle quite a range of jobs in and around the home.

In this article we will review a few of them so as you can decide if they are useful for your own needs.
It works of a 6 volt motor that comes with a charger, and 2 blades; one for wood and one for metal.
We did reluctantly as some people do like to have this type of saw but cordless so as they don’t risk cutting cables. So yes it can come in as a handy little tool but would be useless for any major type of cutting.
There are close to 600 buyer reviews over at Amazon and it is highly rated with 4.3 out of 5 stars. You can also get this type of powered hand saw that can be used for pruning wood and trees. Many reviewers bought this one because they wanted an inexpensive saw to deal with branches on trees that they wanted to get rid of.

We don’t think this would replace your circular saw, but it is a lot handier to pull it out if you need something done quickly.
Some of the saws actually come with a couple of different type of blades that will help open up the range of materials that you can cut. For us this is more a useful multi-purpose tool rather than a saw in the truest definition of sawing. It is quite ironic that the saw itself actually comes in the same annoying plastic!!!…maybe it is something for you to test your saw out on.

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