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Oliver 6-inch centre height by 42 inches-between-centres Model 92 - the smallest and simplest wood-turning lathe in the range.
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With our years of experience and passion in both woodturning and woodworking we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service and with the adage of offering great value too.

Pattern Makers' 8-inch centre height by 72 inches-between-centres wood-turning lathe was fitted with a rack-feed carriage surmounted by a compound slide rest for accurate wood and light-duty metal turning.
The Model 94 could also be fitted with a rack-driven carriage assembly and compound slide rest (with a cross feed of 4 inches) - giving the machine the capacity to perform very accurate wood turning on patterns, or handle light-duty metal turning. We supply leading brands like Robert Sorby, Creusen, Tormek, Chestnut and Titebond, and a comprehensive range of items for the modern woodturner.

This medium-size machine was unusual for a wood lathe in being fitted with a 9-inch wide, 28-inch diameter capacity detachable gap bed and V ways.

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