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However I have found with my machine that it is very difficult to seal the bags and hoses perfectly to the frame of the machine and that as the inside is at a positive pressure, even a small leak results in a little stream of fine dust blowing through the gap.
The swirling dust, combined with leakage, is a major problem with a dust collector like this. Here at JK Filters we specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining Wood Dust Extractors to Factories, Plants and Workshops of all sizes throughout the UK. Our expertise is able to help in assessing what Wood Dust Extractor system you need; supplying it and then maintaining it for its lifetime. For more technical information and help deciding which Wood Dust Extractor is right for your needs Contact us direct on 07801 741 430.
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If you do not mind sweeping up the dust and shavings from the floor a powered respirator such as the Trend may be all that you need. Many Industrial and Factory applications will produce Wood dust which needs to be extracted and filtered accordingly. Our Wood Dust Extractors are always in stock and available for immediate delivery and installation.
Call us direct on 07801 741 430 or fill in the online enquiry form below to discuss your Wood Dust Extractors requirements. During these processes coarse wood is modified into a concrete product specified by its shapes. Part of the individual processes is the creation of sawdust (often exceeding 50% of the coarse wood volume), and dust elements, which accumulate, spread and settle in the surrounding areas, which is undesirable. The high concentration, and especially settling of dust, can cause the creation of an explosive dangerous environment, which is undesirable.

The purpose of extraction and filtration equipment is for the extraction of sawdust and dust from as close as possible to its source to prevent it accumulating, spreading and settling into surroundings areas. Sawdust extraction and its concentration in the extraction and filtration equipment make its further processing easier. In summer the clean, filtered air is led into an outdoor area and in winter back into a hall area, the result being an expressive reduction of heating costs. Sawdust and dust extraction systems can be complemented by their extracting operation being independent of other machines, and therefore saving electrical energy. The equipment must be specified for the extraction of combustible dust together with air , creating an explosive atmosphere, and must meet norm EN 12779.

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