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Made from 100% solid wood, red or white cedar, our traditional-style planters are durable, functional, and fits many decors. At Wood Innovations we take pride in our custom planters and benches, individually designed to meet each client's desires.
Our Classic Wishing Well Planter: Create a special setting for plants or flowering arrangements. Step 4 Instructions:  Now don't think that this whole planter needs to be filled with dirt!!!

Guess I'll have to go the more expensive independent store cedar board route for my planters and raised beds. Neither orange nor blue carry cedar fence pickets in my area (CT), I've looked multiple times.
Additional Diamond Point planters and connecting benches form corner units, define walkways or garden borders, fulfilling your customers needs. These top notch cedar planters were built to fit and match the rest of the planters, as well as to serve the client's wishes- designed and built for both fashion and function.

Two planters with a connecting bench or one planter with a connecting bench also available. Made of natural Northern white cedar that is both rot- and insect-resistant custom painting available if required.

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