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Freud professional woodworking router bit set, beginners wood carving sets uk,old wood lathe brands. 2: Wear Eye Protection Because of the extremely high speed at which the tool operates, it is essential to wear eye protection at all times when using a rotary tool. 4: Sand with the Direction of Spin When sanding wood, move the tool in the same direction as the debris that is being thrown from the spinning bit. 7: Sanding Fine Details in Wood Specially designed radial bristle brushes allow you to sand fine carvings without loosing detail.
8: Set Up for Carving A flexible shaft attachment makes carving with a rotary tool much easier. 18: Drilling it Tight Spots If you need to drill a hole somewhere that is hard to reach, a drill bit in a flexible shaft attachment will sometimes fit where other tools cannot.

Start with a large, coarse grit drum and move to a smaller drum with a finer grit of sandpaper as your carving becomes more detailed. When used in a rotary tool, diamond coated bits allow you to shape almost any kind of metal, even steel. To clear out stones, sanding drums, and sanding discs, run the tool against an abrasive belt cleaner.
9: Roughing-out Carvings Sanding drum accessories are great for bringing a carving to shape after sawing it out. 20: Breathing New Life into Old Tools You can save money by picking up second-hand tools and restoring them yourself.
By using grinding stones, brushes, and polishing buffs, you can sharpen, clean, and polish old tools back into working order.

11: Cleaning Wood Cutting Bits and Sanding Drums Many professional woodcarvers recommend using chemical oven cleaner to clean sawdust out of metal woodcarving bits. Tip #11: Using a torch to burn the wood out of burrs is mainly recommended for Tungsten Carbide burrs (the aggressive, pointy ones) that become clogged.
The L-shaped thing sounds like an Allen wrench, but I’m not sure where it would be used on your tool. 12: Cut Metal Against the Direction of Spin When cutting metal it helps to move the tool opposite to the direction that the debris is being thrown.

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