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Letter stencils were laid out across the top to gauge their placement, and were even traced so I knew exactly where they’d go once heated up. The burning itself went quite quickly, and I actually managed to burn the letters pretty consistently. Pair with our Woodburning Letter Set to write a charming and heartfelt message on a woodcutting to wedding guests, and place on your gift or dessert table.
Very easy to use, just screw the letter into the top to put initials or words on wood or leather. The kit contained a wooden box, wood-burning tool, letter-burning stencils, varnish, brush, and a very detailed set of instructions.

A few of them needed to be touched up, but the burning stencils came with a variety of tips as well as letters, so I just fussed over a few of the contours until I was happy with them. There was never any worry whether I had the right tools for the job, nor was I comparing my own work to some immaculate piece posted by another crafter who may have had a lot more free time to fuss over their Pinterest-perfect piece.
Use these numbers and symbols to brand significant dates into wooden slats, boards, or round cuttings. To use these stamps, you will need either our Creative Woodburner Value Pen or the Versa Wood Burning tool (each sold separately). Fortunately, said directions kept me from burning my house down, so that made everyone happy.

As mentioned, I’d never done any kind of wood burning before, so I was a bit nervous about the process.
As instructed, I used a couple of scrap pieces of wood to test out the burning tools before using them on the box itself, and I felt a lot more confident after a few trial runs.

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