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However, the most enjoyable 3D printed creations tend to be both functional an fun, like this series of 3D printed branding irons made by Etsy artist Niquegeek. However, he also sells a series of five different and very cleverly designed branding irons that are easy to use. Now, wood branding is quite a popular way to customize objects, but James has developed a very clever and easy way to do it. These irons are thus not only very cool and geeky, they also rely on a clever 3D printing production technique and are well worth checking out.
While surfing the shopping site ETSY today, I came across a seller who was selling a 3d printed Branding Iron !!. The ETST seller uses a Plastic 3d printer to make these models and then uses the age old Lost wax technique to make Steel version of these Branding Iron.

I quickly built a home 3D printer (a RepRap named Betty) and got to work designing for fun (Of course this meant that I had to focus on designing much smaller things than buildings) and through a lot of trial and error I discovered that I could use my design skills to create objects that people wanted to wear, and at the same time I could sustain my new hobby by selling these objects on Etsy, it was a perfect match. Niquegeek is selling these 3d printed Branding Irons for around $34 each and are custom made to order. Unless you've live on a farm, you might only know them from cartoons, but branding irons have been used for centuries to mark your cattle.
Yes, it a type of animal cruelty nowadays, but fortunately you can still use branding irons to burn a specific symbol into wooden products.
This cruel practice may be to an end, however the charm of a Branding Iron does not end there. And it's quite simple; James just prints a plastic version of the branding iron and makes a wax imprint of it, finally using that to cast a steel version capable of withstanding all that heat.

It is still popular at branding wooden boxes and wooden products.  Niquegeek the seller on ETSY has used simple design concept of a Branding Iron and has taken it to a completely different level using a 3d printer. It can take up to 60-90 seconds for the steel bed to heat up and is then used to make markings on Wood.

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