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We like mixing Smoke Woods as we generally like experimenting, through out the years it has expanded to quite a broad view at food smoking. Cherry wood units by Grattarola cater for every storage need in this spacious, open-plan kitchen. Designed for use on large projects such as cabinets and tables, these real wood veneer sheets save lots of time and effort.

The large granite-topped freestanding workstation features deep, wide pan drawers, and a cherry wood table, chairs and door in the dining area extend the scheme. Made from book matched veneer strips these real wood veneer sheets give an impressive look when finished and are designed to save the time spent cutting, lining up and gluing individual pieces of veneer.
As these sheets are backed, it eliminates the chance of the veneer adhesive seeping through the grain to the surface which may be a problem with open grained woods such as oak.

Available in eight different woods, these veneer sheets are pre-sanded but unfinished and will accept any type of finish and can even be stained if required.

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