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3M DI-NOC Wood Grain finishes give you almost unlimited creative freedom, combining new material dimensions with a high-tech multi-layer film construction of superb aesthetic quality and visual realism. Most realistic Wood Grain Vinyl on the market3M™ Comply adhesive Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive Air Egress Technology for easy bubble free installationDry Application. A friend was using your 3M products and I wanted a wood grain dash in my homebuilt aircraft. The "Wood Grain" family contains patterns with a natural repeat and grain pattern for a authentic wood look. I actually like this material much better than the original because it looks like real wood.

IT IS VERY HARD TO CAPTURE PICTURES OF THE VIVID COLORS, DIFFERENT SHADES, AND TEXTURES OF THE VINYL. Its dark brown luster, decorative grain and unique properities have made it one of the most demanded woods of the world.
It is popular for tool handles, decorative veneers, turnery, boatbuilding, knife handles, car interior and can be used as an alternative to rosewood. After applying the Vinyl Sheet, you simply trim the excess vinyl with a sharp blade or hobby knife (not included). What you have left is a customized look without the head aches and costs associated with painting.MetroRestyling Vinyl Sheets are easy and fun to install and remove, and they won't harm the painted finish surface of your vehicle.

Our high performance Automotive Vinyl Sheets are designed to last longer and perform better than our competitors.

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