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This yields a thick and rigid inlay - much thicker and rigid - not flexible like veneer, making them easy to handle and inlay. The one below has been inlayed in a piece of maple and finished with spray shellac to show the grain and color. The other popular application of hardwood inlay design pertains to what is commonly referred to as a medallion.

Custom Borders and Medallions are more akin to art than craftsmanship, and the cost reflects that.
A medallion is a circular design of hardwood inlay, and to be honest, these hardwood inlay designs put most borders to shame.
By this process, designs using carefully crafted hardwood veneers are installed as borders around rooms, fireplaces, foyers, and anywhere else you can imagine an attractive border might add to the overall beauty of a space.

Hardwood inlay medallions are perfect for foyers, landings, and as focal points in living rooms and other areas.

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