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A carpenter learning as he goes on a set of wing-back chairs shows his work, and gets feedback from a tough crowd. I browse WOODWEB quire often and was drawn out of the shadows by a project I am facing - the wingback chair. There are a total of 22 pieces on each chair, so it is a matter of how long it takes to cut them, piece them together, and glue them up.
The back legs run all the way to the top of the chair and use two or three very tight dowels and the chair will last.
Dowels and floating tenons may work, but integral tenons are best because of the compound angles involved in chair geometry.
He has the first two sold for $3,500 apiece, given he still has to pay to have them upholstered – he’ll make out great I am sure. Another question: I was hired to make the chairs and paid to make the templates and samples, rough fitting, and etc.
We also do the upholstery so it helps to understand how the upholstery webbing and fabric works in your design.

The plans available were simple and not at all like the chair he gave me, which he wanted me to duplicate without dis-assembly.
I expect if this chair was not getting upholstered that the tolerances would be much tighter and time would slowly tick by. Chair making is a bit of a specialty and demands a specialized skill set and knowledge base. Also, all said and done, the two chairs took me about 55 hours to build the frame, leg design, install base, and stain and lacquer. As it turned out the guy was about 75, retired, and finished with woodworking so for $170 I took home the bandsaw, five blades, a 16" belt sander, an electric brad nailer, a router mounted on a router table with some bits, a chainsaw, and finally (he wanted $40) a Davis Wells cast iron jointer (heavy as heavy is)! You're to be admired for delving into a very challenging area of woodworking, but if this is your first chair making project, and you're drawing on carpentry skills, or even cabinetry skills as a reference, you may be in for problems.
The materials for a chair should be chosen for their function, not by how easy they are to machine or work with. I just wanted to share the chair picture as it is quite involved, even for an upholstered chair.

I've built chairs for nearly 20 years, and my gut tells me that if it only took you 55 hours to build and finish two wingbacks, there are likely some serious flaws. As stated above, bringing my skills to the table help, but chairs are a different world altogether.
Again, I encourage you to read some of the excellent books on chair making rather than just trying intuitively to understand how chairs should be built. If this chair was to be solid without upholstery I can see the point, but I made two sets at a time (both at once).

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