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When you plan to stain your deck, it is important to first decide which products will give you the look that you strive to achieve. Transparent: A transparent or clear stain allows the wood grain pattern to completely show through. Semi-transparent: Semi-transparent stains offer more coverage than transparent types but still allow a lot of the beauty of the wood grain pattern to show through. Cabot Stains offers solid deck stains and multipurpose semi-solid deck and fence stain products in both water-based and oil-based formulations.
Consumer reviewed Cabot Decking Stain 7406 and rated Cabot as the top deck stain. Behr PROCESS Corporation offers water-based and oil-based formula options in five different stains.
The Consumer site tested the Behr Deck Plus Deck, Fence and Siding opaque stain. Wolman Wood Care Products makes three types of deck stains - solid, semi-transparent and the transparent finish formula. Sikkens: Many customers like Sikkens because their solid stain formulas, Rubbol DEK, produces an intense solid color that is longlasting.
Do some research on deck stain reviews and get an idea of what you want in a wood stain before purchasing one to find the right one for your deck. Amteco TWP Deck Stains get the best reviews by professinals and consumers who use the product. The Durastain 1-Gallon Semi-Transparent Water-Based Chestnut Brown Exterior Wood Stain is suitable for use on wood decks, fences, siding and more and provides a richly pigmented, semi-transparent matte finish in chestnut brown. Clear deck and fence stains typically contain little or no pigment, along with water repellents. Clear stains are ideal for showing off the natural grain of a premium wood as much as possible.
We applied even coats of our Premium Exterior Paint with the DuraLife™ formula and a competitor's paint to wood panels. It offers the deck a high level of protection from the elements but still allows some the wood grain pattern to show. They include Amteco TWP Stains, which offer exceptional value and last longer than any other wood deck stain on the market when applied properly.
You can find a Cabot stain for your deck at nearly every home improvement retailer, as well as at most paint stores. Although the manufacturer claims it will protect wood from the elements for up to six years, a more realistic estimate would be one to two years.
As the oil penetrates deeply, the water-based acrylic shell evaporates, leaving behind an ultra-fine film on the wood surface for additional water repellency and U.V. TWP Stain is designed to penetrate rather than build a film, and protects exterior wood from premature loss of color, rot, surface mildew, and water absorption.
Better news for parents is that our durable Premium Interior Paint is stain resistant and withstands repeated cleaning.
As a stain + sealant in one it penetrates deep into the wood to unlock the natural beauty of wood and at the same time creates a protective barrier against the elements of every season. UV rays from the sun will damage the wood resulting in degradation of the wood cellular structure.
Water, snow, and ice will cause damage to the wood by breaking down the exposed cellular structure.
In this article we will cover the required prep and waiting period needed before applying a stain for the first time.
New smooth decking boards are not porous enough for most stains to be able to penetrate properly. Oil based decking stains have been around for 20-30 years and have been traditionally what all stain manufacturers produce. Latest Consumer Magazine Reports on Decking Stains is out again this year and we have been getting some questions as to why our ratings differ so much compared to their highest rated products. Reviews and articles are posted from our experience as contractors who specialize in exterior wood restoration. When contaminants are left in the wood pores and stain is applied a whole host of problems can occur. It is best to never stain any exterior wood when inclement weather is forecasted, especially rain. The best time to stain a deck is after it is built while the wood is still new and has not been compromised by weather damage.

If the deck has been cleaned properly and does not have any existing coatings or finish on it then an oil based solid color stain is the way to go.
A wood pergola can be a great way to reduce the amount of sunlight heating up your wood deck surface. Unlike some wood stain finishes on hardwood floors that have a reflective or shiny finish, most exterior deck stains are not meant to be shiny. Rust-Oleum Deck Restore is a water based, low odor product that is designed to mask the wood not allowing the wood grain to show. Pressure treated decking when new has a tendency to have very annoying ink stamps on the wood when processed at the mill. Lumber is stamped at the mill according to its grade.
Choosing a deck stain color can be a bit confusing with so many different choices on the market today.
Many people prefer the water-based formula because the oil stains have a strong odor during the application and drying period. It is a beautiful look but it fades faster than other types of deck stain and usually needs to be redone in a year. The semi-transparent stain comes in a large selection of colors and lasts for about two years. For more information about deck stains, make sure to check out the following LoveToKnow articles. TWP is an EPA registered wood preservative made with a unique combination of chemicals that enhance the natural beauty and warmth of wood.
Our built-in stain resistance is a built-in value—it helps your paint finish look like new for longer. Deck stains can last for three to five years if the deck is in good shape with a quality stain, although many people have their deck redone every two to four years for optimal protection.
When you insist on Olympic ONE, you'll have paint that stands the test of time: splatters, messy eaters and kids. Just because a deck stain performs well in the Northeast part of the country does not mean it will perform well in the high altitudes of Arizona.
There seems to be an incorrect opinion among homeworkers that is is okay to stain new wood right away or even before the deck is installed.
We will compare the many different types of decking stain options available and what are the positives and negatives of each. Not all deck stains are created equal and there is not a perfect stain type or brand that will out perform all the others. The main reason for the vast amount of water based stains on the market today is related to changes in VOC laws across the country. We have compiled a list of reasons why we believe our reviews and ratings are more realistic and honest examples of how a deck stain actually performs. Using a wood cleaner and a pressure washer is a great way to prep the wood prior to staining. Most deck stain brands will warn against application of their product within 12-24 hours of rain being forecasted. However, it is important to allow a new pine deck to dry out for several months before staining it.
If you are looking for a certain color or wanting to mask the wood grain completely then a solid color deck stain is the best choice. They come in many sizes and designs but one thing remains constant, wood fences need to be protected from the elements if you expect it to last. It may not be as susceptible to the elements as a wood deck, but the truth is that a composite deck is prone to many of the same problems. It is marketed as a thick paint product for wood decks that is outside of conventional restoration. We have decided to create an article based on negative consumer feedback and experiences with decking stains.
An American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) grade mark and an American Wood-Preservers’ Association (AWPA) tag certify the lumber’s quality. While the term color, in speaking about deck stains, is mostly associated with solid deck stains, the term tone is more associated with semi-transparent or semi-solid stains. However, oil-based deck stains adhere to the wood better, do not peel (unlike water-based), offer greater protection and last longer.
If you use a transparent stain, be sure to add a UV protectant wood finish product to help the stain last longer.
However, some reviewers felt that Wolman didn't effectively protect decks from mildew or dirt.

One of the best semi-transparent deck and fence stains is Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain, which you can find at Home Depot. After letting each of these stains soak in for 30 minutes, we rinsed each panel off with water. There are products that are better then others, but there is not one that will outperform every other stain. Many states have adopted or soon will adopt lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations. Follow the directions on the wood cleaner and be careful not to use excessive pressure so the wood is not damaged. A wood surface around a pool however is subjected to a lot more moisture and harsh chemicals like chlorine so it becomes even more crucial to provide protection. Properly prepped wood will allow the deck stain to penetrate and perform to its full potential.
A new pine deck contains too much moisture at first and you do not want to trap that moisture in the wood by staining it too soon. There is however some things to consider when searching for the best solid color deck stains. However, you may find that the oil based solid stains are harder to find due to strict VOC laws so any brand you can find should work. Staining a wood fence will help enhance its natural beauty along with providing adequate protection from water and sun damage. A pergola can also stand alone in a garden, over landscape features, over a hot tub and more. Composite decks are normally part wood and part plastic so they are prone to mold, mildew, fading, and graying due to both sun and water damage. Although they can provide years of protection to exterior wood surfaces, they can be prone to mold in some circumstances. This allows the deck stain to penetrate deep into the wood pores to ensure a solid wall of protection against sun and water damage. These stamps are very troublesome for owners to remove prior to applying a decking stain that is either transparent or semi-transparent as the ink will show through the stain. Also taking into account the type of wood you are staining can really leave you more confused than anything. Many deck stain brands can be restricted in certain states, cities and counties due the VOC laws. This has prompted stain manufacturers to increase production of water soluble decking stains. The use of a quality wood cleaner and pressure washer or scrub brush is necessary to remove all the contaminants like dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and graying.
Because most composite decking consists of wood and plastic it is prone to mold and mildew.
Covered wood porches do not take as much abuse from the weather because the roof protects them.
Applying a weatherproof stain to your new fence will ensure it looks good and lasts for many years.
Like any exterior wood surface, a pergola should be protected with a wood stain to increase its appearance and lifespan.
The amount of deck stain that is applied depends on different factors like wood age, condition, and porosity.
Educating yourself on the different choices of deck stain color ideas will assist you in making the right choice. It's our exclusive formula: an advanced dirt-resistant technology that repels stains and requires less maintenance than most other paints on the market. For example, TWP 100 Series cannot be used in 17 states that have a low VOC content of 250. It can be applied to wood surfaces such as decks, stairs, docks, composite decking, and more. It is important to remove any mildew before staining the deck so mildew is not sealed in and trapped below the surface. Not all wood surfaces will absorb the same amount of deck stain when they are being refinished.

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