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The finish is based on the discovery by the ancient Japanese that it is harder for something already charcoaled to catch fire again. After the boards are dry, to seal the wood, oil the boards with the oil extracted from Brazillian oiticica nut (Penofin) a natural oil that does not give off any toxic vapors. Once a year, reapply the oil as a spray to keep this finish, or let it age naturally outside.
Traditional burnt sugi Japanese homes create a very relaxing and calming atmosphere of refinement and comfort. Haroun I am looking for a used quality,quietness traditional japanese wood finishes and accuracy of it and look forward to many from beechwood or white.

This makes for a very green technique for fireproofing, as the finished wood has had no nasty chemical treatments. Thanks to photographers Molly Des Jardin (cat slide), Ethan and Kohmura Masao (Fomal Haut) for these photos of rural Japanese houses. Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori is using a traditional Japanese technique of charring as a way to finish and preserve wood. Devised as a way to make wood less susceptible to fire and to keep away insects and rot, this longstanding Japanese method involves torching your building materials. Many of the photos are from an open air museum in Japan, where traditional houses from different regions have been transported and reconstructed.

See 10 Modern Houses Gone to the Dark Side and 11 Traditional Houses Cloaked in Black. Fujimori’s buildings often use traditional materials in almost fantastical, quasi-folkloric ways.

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