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For homeschooling parents and teachers, free printable lesson plans make some things easier. If you would like to have a handy visual sheet for your kids or students to hold on to in order to learn their four times table easier, give them this free printable four times table lesson plan. They are great for adding in to lessons, or giving to children at any time so that they can apply what they have learned.

You do not have to be a teacher or homeschooling parent to use these, parents can make great use of some of the printable lesson plans which we carry, as well. The attractive printable four times table lesson plan is ideal for students in the 3rd and 4th grades, or homeschooling children starting at around 8 years old.
Do not worry if your child is a bit older and still does not understand how to do their times tables.

If you have found that this one helps you, then try out some more of our great printable lesson plans today.

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