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My entryway is a very small area just inside my front door that is technically it’s own room, but really is only separated from the great room by a doorway header.
I began by measuring, marking and cutting my plywood down into pieces to assemble the bench portion first. Go ahead and install your bench cabinet in it’s final resting place, and then add the wood planks to the top with a nail gun. After that, I dry fitted the top portion in it’s place, with the locker dividers sitting on top of the wood bench.

Another note, I also built this in a smaller size (as many others have) to custom fit a small space. Hi Ana, I'm preparing a cut plan for the bench and wonder about the 2x12 for the sides and vertical dividers. In other words, I write plans for awesome looking furniture that are so easy it will blow your mind! My wife is in love with the farmhouse style, so we made this sweet little entry bench that we hope will one day fit perfectly in our quaint little mountain farmhouse.

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