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Since 2000, Graves Golf Academy has worked dilligently to provide the highest quality golf school instruction, golf video instruction, and golf training aids in the industry for the Moe Norman single plane golf swing.
To help bridge the geographical gap between our golf instruction and your desire to improve you golf game, we are proud to offer the Graves Golf Academy Internet Golf Academy (GGAIGA). Through a partnership with the V1 Golf Academy, you can now receive one on one golf instruction from the Graves Golf Academy without leaving your home. The Graves Golf Academy has found an answer for anyone seeking instruction anywhere, anytime and anyplace. See the Instructional Golf Videos below to get set up and start receiving the golf instruction you need today! Besides all the tips and techniques the Academy offers for modeling Moe’s swing, the emphasis on how to practice and the philosophy of gradually working toward the goal is most helpful. I’m convinced that video review in the Graves Internet Golf Academy is the quickest way to improvement. It should be quite easy to understand that the most direct swing possible make it far easier to play your best golf possible. Please click the play button above to learn why the Single Plane golf swing is the easiest to learn, and provides the best combination of distance and accuracy of any golf swing method on the market today. You can watch in full screen mode if you would like by clicking on the little symbol left of the vimeo logo in the bottom right hand corner of the video. The Single Plane Golf swing is an easier to learn swing which requires less timing and is easier on the body then the conventional swing. The Minimalist Single Plane Golf Swing The single plane swing with a pre-turned setup position that works great for those with very limited practice time) (40+ videos, More than 5 hours and 25 minutes of videos - 315 minutes) Plus our new Driving for Distance & Accuracy and Learning to Lag for more distance videos. Conventional Golf Swing (as used by the best players in the world) Our drills will help improve any conventional golf swing regardless of which method is being employed. Moe Norman Clinic Videos can also be watched by free subscribers, and full length clinic videos by members.
97% of golfers that try my system say that it has dramatically improved their game in two weeks or less! Free Subscriber Signup - Allows viewing of the Free Learning Golf Videos section, plus the setup, and Drill 1 from each swing system we teach. In my videos, I'll teach you how to overcome the three biggest swing-related problems facing the average golfer. The set-up that automatically gives you the correct swing plane, the same plane you will be on at impact as well, and the secret to the incredible success rate of our system.. I will show you how to take your game from the practice tee to the first tee effectively, so you can impress your playing partners.
The back swing that's radically different from the one 99% of all "average" golfers use and why it holds the key to consistency and distance.
You will learn exactly how your body, arms, and club should be positioned throughout every inch of the golf swing.
All of the above are guaranteed through the learning of the Single Plane golf swings that our system teaches. As part of our program you also have the complete conventional golf swing learning system as well. The monthly, and yearly memberships include full time support where you can ask questions about the program at any time, and submit videos of your swing for our review. The problem with conventional golf is that consistency is virtually unattainable for any golfers including the tour players. We still offer videos on how to learn the conventional swing, and our system is second to none in that our drills teach you how to move in super slow motion until the perfect motion is learned. Our program is unique in that you can follow along with us on the videos as you build a great golf swing. The movements you will learn are based on years of studying what the best players in the game of golf actually do.

We teach you to attain a pro caliber impact position whether you wish to swing like a tour player, or use a same plane golf swing like Moe Norman did.
Backswing Halfway back - Trailing arm (right for right handed players) above the left, wrists have not yet begun cocking, hips and upper body turning away.
Top of swing - leading shoulder under chin - upper body turned completely away from target - trailing leg mostly straight.
The following video from the author Daniel Coyle of the great book "The Talent Code" about advanced learning methods, and how to practice to bring out your talent. We are certain that if you follow our program and do the drills regularly, then you will be on your way to playing the best golf of your life. Go to our support page and send us a message, or fill in the comment box under the video you were viewing. Most likely it rests with your internet provider, but it also could have to do with traffic where the video is being streamed from as well as other programs running in the background on your computer. Just started at your website last month and have to say that I am impressed with how easy it is to do the drills following along with you on the video. Your teaching is better than anything I have come across have tried Little Moe in the past but your simplistic approach is much better and the Mirror image which I looked at today gives you a clearer understanding of the movements of the body and the mechanics of the swing. Throughout those years, aspiring students have told us that while they would like to get one on one golf instruction, geography has kept many from doing so.
You can have personal golf instruction on your schedule, at your convenience, without the expense of travel!
Once reviewed, the GGA instruction team will send you a video with instructions on what you need to practice to Swing Like Moe Norman on one plane. Making the changes stick can be frustrating, especially when I’m doing it in the middle of the golf season.
The Single Plane golf swing, and the Minimalist Single Plane golf swingchange from conventional golf to Single Plane as easy as can possibly be. Each system is perfect for golfers of any skill level including beginning golfers and golf professionals, and of course any level in between.
Science has proven the swing to much more repeatable and efficient than the conventional swing. In short order, you'll be able to monitor your own swing and match it to the positions that I demonstrate. Just in case you want to keep playing through the season conventionally we can still help you improve. Although it is called a two plane swing, you can easily see that in all three pictures the club is on a different plane, as it is for all of the top tour players. We do have very good success with this system, but our Setup4Impact (Single Plane) systems will provide even more success over the long term, which is why I recommend that the most. We will help you to understand and see what you need to do in order to build a great golf swing. The secret here is in the fact that at first in order to make the motion properly we will do it in slow motion and without hitting golf balls. With our program you have the ability to actually learn how to make a great golf swing in the comfort of your own home.
Through the use of high speed cameras, 3D golf analysis systems it has become evident what the best players actually do in their golf swings. The single plane swing will require a little less turning through impact because of the distance from the ball at address. Skype voice video will be available as time permits and normally limited according to how many appointments I have. If the video keeps stopping then press pause when the video is playing and wait a few minutes for the video to load. In the video you wish to watch click in the bottom right hand corner where there is an icon for full screen.

The single plane swings are similar to Natural Golf as taught back ten years ago, but somewhat more advanced.
I never had much time to practice before, because by the time I got to the golf course, and got setup to practice it already took me a half hour and I had not even hit a shot yet.
I have not played for 4 years and flexibility will occur with practice have been doing drills in the kitchen in between cooking and am getting on well.
I hope you have lots of customers am recommending your site to my friends and anybody who I meet who plays golf. Winter is the perfect time to do our drills, as the drills can be done at home without golf balls. The setup is what is causing the problems, and that is where Single Plane Golf provides a HUGE advantage. Plus the Setup4Impact swings put also far less stress on your body, which is a huge plus for those of you like me out there with back pain after playing golf. While they all look different swinging, and many claim to be doing this or that, we will focus on what they actually do.
This is what enables them to hit the ball with their hands leading through impact, as all great players do.
You only need to follow along with the drills on the videos, and many of the drills you can do in the comfort of your own home. You will have unlimited access to all of our instructional videos and support (for monthly and yearly members) as long as you are a member of LearningGolf.TV. Manuel de la Torre is a golf instructor many years ago, and wrote a book about the way he taught. Is this correct as my arms are close to parralell with the ground (a bit above) at top of back swiing. Now I just login to the website, and follow along with the videos doing drills 1 through 5 ten times in slow motion.
215 minutes) Plus our new Driving for Distance & Accuracy and Learning to Lag for more distance videos. Add to that the fact that players such as Tiger are still working hard to try and find a way to hit the ball more consistently. Slow motion swings enable you to be able to concentrate on the proper movement and to better feel the movement being made.
When you do not know how to do it, but try anyway you end up using instinct and cannot possibly make a sound golf swing.
In order to hit ideal golf shots you need to be in the position of the top golfers in the world at impact. This is learned in drill number 4 in our learning program for both the conventional and Single Plane golf swing.
I will have detailed information as to how you can upload your videos to YouTube which does not cost anything, and then you can make the video "private" which means that only people you invite to look at the video can see it. Moe read his book in 2001 and claimed to have changed his swing after reading the book, but there was no difference visible to anybody on video. If you do the drills facing a mirror, or by using a video camera you have even more feedback so you can be sure that you are making the motion properly.
After trying for many swings everybody gets lucky and a ball flies, but this teaches the beginner that he can hit a decent shot (sometimes) without the right technique. Unfortunately hitting a good shot once in a while is not what you need when you go out to play a round of golf.
If you do not know where the ball is going to fly then you better bring a lot of golf balls with you to the course, and patient playing partners.

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