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Online Metals, Seattle (mail order in USA and Canada, no minimum order, they sell sheet, bar, rod and tube stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW), nylon and much more. Individual kayak fit is very important, so there are six singles, two doubles, and a triple to choose from. They make the Sea Wind, Dreamcatcher and Cruiser, which have probably been more extensively tested than any other 50:50 paddling-sailing canoes intended for use on open water. Sea Kayaker magazine (June 1999) allowed three people to review the Chesapeake 17; "'I really enjoyed paddling the Chesapeake and found I covered distances easily. Paul Caffyn, kayak circumnavigator and writer, has kindly provided us with his list of books about kayaking and canoeing.

Watertight bulkheads are standard, as are hatches, deck rigging, adjustable footbraces, and a comfortable seat. The 16LT and 17LT are standard Chesapeake 16 & 17 hulls with lower decks and sides, reducing total volume by 20% for a sleeker, more compact kayak. Easy Rider Kayaks (Seattle kayak manufacturer which makes sailing equipment for its range of kayaks). One reason so many builders prefer the Chesapeakes is their flexible architecture, unique among kit boats. High-volume bows lift you over rough seas - or powerboat wakes - while the skeg-like stern prevents weather-cocking in blustery winds.

Chesapeake kayak builders explore quiet local rivers and paddle the length of the Sea of Cortez.
The combination of moderate initial stability and strong secondary, and its lack of weathercocking make this an excellent boat for beginners to learn sea kayaking.

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