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Finally there was a formal presentation (Japanese-style, of course, lots of bowing and courtesies!) of an official Spanish Tour de Wood Round To It, which I delivered on behalf of the Ambassador himself (I think I was his junior lieutenant for this occasion) in recognition of Stu's vicarious participation (via Oovoo video link), in the wonderful Michigan woodworking weekend a few weeks ago. Awesome slabs and specialty woods, at awesome prices (480,000 yen - $6000 for one big burl slab). I picked up some plywood for the build of the top unit of the Humidor, I usually buy the Shina 18mm Lam-ply that I very much loathe, but it usually all that is up for grabs. A view inside, 90% of the stuff on the rack is for sale finished on four sides, one reason it is so freaking expensive!

Finally here is a shot of all 60 of the lace bobbins I made for Peter's lovely wife Debbie, I hope they go over well.
There's some very impressive stuff coming off the third generation of a machine he's been working with, and some great cutting edge ideas for future development. We elect new Moderators every April and October and vote on any new or revised forum rules. Serious materials and tools for pros at one end and consumer goods, even pets at the other end.

There had actually been an elegant plan in the works to transport, through the magic of the internet, some of Jim Niemi's own brew, made especially for the Michigan gathering. On the way home I decided to take a detour and show Peter a famous wood shop called Moku-Moku, they are famous for having seriously wonderful wood, at heart stopping prices!

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