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I just added 4 sets of scales that are dyed and stabilized Maple burl and a couple stabilized blocks of nicely figured Koa. Highly prized for its swirling, flowery grain patterns, Burl Maple seems almost to bloom as the wood is worked.
Nope, many of the burls cannot survive the shaping process for polys or they simply can’t be found in sizes large enough.

One of the most splendid burls, Amboyna Burl is an exotic wood that is one of about 60 in the Pterocarpus genus, which is reported to consist of small to large trees distributed throughout the tropics. Amboyna Burl Wood BlanksExotic Wood Blanks: Below you will find stock sizes of Amboyna Burl exotic wood blanks.
The bending strength of air-dried wood of the species is similar to that of Teak, which is considered to be strong.

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