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Round Barns, a unique architectural oddity of the 1900s, are NOW at the cutting edge of green architecture.
This round structure in the middle of the barn not only helps to support the roof but also acts to contain the hay. The traditional Vermont forms of farmhouse, barn and silo are reinterpreted for today's living in this project. The standardization of the construction industry and the resulting decline in timber framing following the American Civil War is one possible reason.
The exposed timbers, intricate joinery create lofty spaces with a strong aesthetic.This timber frame barn in Starksboro is inspired by Vermont vernacular farm structures and contains multiple functions. The cattle stanchions in this variation of round barn were arranged around a circular manger on the lower level. Another possibility is that the mechanization of American agriculture was more suited to rectangular barn design. The design of this new construction in Middlebury, Vermont combines traditional forms derived from neighboring houses with lofty, contemporary interior spaces and details. Red paint and white trim make the new barn look right with a traditional old Vermont farm house. This downloadable Round Barn, (actually Octagonal), has a hinged roof that lets you see the interior and what makes the Round Barn concept so important again. The story I was told was, the beliefs of the people who build the barn, believed that evil spirits hid in corners and dark places.

With about a hundred ancient examples still standing and in operation, Round Barns are now looked at as being new and modern.
Here's a Round Stone Barn ravaged by the elements, dying slowly (and sadly) in this Vermont field. As balloon framing, circular silos and truly self-supporting roofs were developed circular barns superseded polygonal structures and began to be built more and more. Despite the gains in popularity for circular barns, polygonal barns continued to be built up through the height of the True Circular Era.
The loft, proportions, details and red paint make it fit in with traditional barns and outbuildings in the area.
These are front (left) and rear photos for the Fiddlersgreen finished Round Barn that comes in TWO scales (HO and N approximately). The early round barns had cattle stanchions on the first floor with the whole of the loft used for hay and feed storage. Notice how the stone at the base goes only around the front of the barn and the trees seem to be verrry tall !! The exterior is rich with architectural details and boasts a variety of materials; cast concrete wraps the base of the house, red cedar shingles clad the walls beneath the overhangs and painted wood graces the gables. The horse barn is more rustic; rough-sawn timbers form horse stalls below and a hay loft above. The distinctive circular shape allowed these barns to take advantage of gravity to move hay from the loft to the cow stable below.This photo shows the 'hay' sitting on the lower floor.

True circular round barns began to rise as improvements in construction techniques made their design more practical. However, this post is about the iconic red barn; whether it be a home, a carriage house or an actual barn. The Round Barn's roof is in three pieces to create that lovely flair resembling a gentleman's bowler hat..
As design progressed later barns possessed a central space which rose up from the ground level through the entire building.
These barn homes, carriage houses and barns, literally, stand as testimony to my statement.A bucolic red barn home, built to mimic the surrounding barn architecture near Hunter Mountain in upstate New York.
A labor saving design, the round barn was promoted, for a time, by agricultural colleges as a progressive way to house dairy cattle. Post and Beam Living Latest Sep 17 2015 Stone Mountain Barn House Stone Mountain barn house is a new design by Yankee Barn Homes.

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