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Story and photos by John Leeke Reglazing windows is often the first step to improving their efficiency. But with a round of maintenance and a few repairs, old wood sash windows will easily last another century.Window glazing is a combination of science and art that can only be developed with experience. If the bottom edge of the lower sash’s bottom rail is in good condition, it doesn’t need treatment since it has done well bare for so many years.
However, if it shows signs of water deterioration, give it a coat of pre-treatment.When you apply a pre-treatment to the bare wood [A], put it on the sash (both faces), muntin bars, and muntins.
If you are using consolidating oil, put it in the glazing rabbets, too, and also add extra at each joint so it soaks in and treats the end-grain within. Place each pane of glass on the bedding putty, making sure the bottom edge of glass rests on the neck of the lower glazing rabbet.Jiggle the pane slightly with your fingers along the edges so it beds down into the putty.

Leave at least 1?16″ of back putty between the glass and the shoulder of the glazing rabbet.
Set the edge of the putty knife across the tabs and wiggle it side-to-side, pushing the point into the wood until the tabs are flush with the neck of the glazing rabbet [E].
FNext, pack the face putty into place—put the end of the putty knife on the pane and wiggle the knife slightly to force the putty into place [F]. It still doesn’t have to look good.Finally, tool the surface of the face putty using the “end edge” or “in line” technique (see below) to form an even bevel that looks good and packs putty firmly into the glazing rabbet, forming a good seal all along the glass and wood.
You should be able to look through the pane and see that the edge of your putty is directly across from the arris on the other side of the glass.
Hold the knife at a slight angle to compress the putty into the glazing rabbet during the stroke, leaving a smooth, flat bevel of putty.

End edge In lineTooling Technique: In Line Hold the knife at a slight angle so the putty compresses into the glazing rabbet and leaves a smooth, flat bevel of putty. This technique leaves a little putty on the glass that you will have to go back and remove. Apply primer to face putty bevels and interior seals, lapping it 1?16″ onto the glass.
Steam can also be used, but one must worry about scraping off too much wood when it is moist.

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